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First Stop Ayme is Borne Out of a Métifiot and Ayme Partnership

Ayme Métifiot Partnership

Métifiot and Ayme, the two entities of the Bridgestone group have opted to merge their networks, starting October 1st, 2020. This new collaboration, First Stop Ayme will consolidate 160 integrated sites and 240 franchisees around France

Métifiot and Ayme Opt to Merge Networks

Bridgestone is optimising its distribution, with the Japanese manufacturer being the parent company in France to the Speedy, Fire Stop and Côté Route brands. Their plan is to improve the functionality of this set by joining together two of its three networks, specifically the Métifiot groups which operates First Stop in France and Ayme & Fils who not only operate Côté Route, but also Culture Pneus and Eurofleet.

As of October 1st they will work together under their new title, First Stop Ayme, linking those 160 integrated agencies and 240 franchises mentioned, as well as 8 resale platforms and employing a total of 1,500 employees. Giovanni Lo Bianco, Managing Director of Métifiot and Ayme & Fils stated that “No job cuts or agency closings are envisaged as part of this merger,” and added “that the work already undertaken over the last few months by the teams has contributed to this success.”

Working with automobiles, heavy good vehicles (HGVs), civil and agricultural engineering, the two entities will certainly benefit from more efficient territorial coverage and better coverage for networks that are, admittedly known in France but within a very specific context.

Lo Bianco adds, “In an increasingly competitive market, this merger will allow us to better resist and cope with crises like the one we are currently experiencing. By joining forces, our common objective is to achieve the ambition of making First Stop Ayme, the industrial market leader throughout France.

Source: le Pneumatique

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