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Firestone Launches Its First Winter Truck Tyre Range

Firestone Truck Tyre Range

Today, Firestone announced the launch of its first winter truck tyre range, the Firestone Roadhawk Winter Drive and Firestone Roadhawk Winter Steer.

Firestone Truck Tyre Range

The Firestone Roadhawk Winter range is optimised for year-round conditions thanks to a durable tread compound that extends tyre life, with stone ejectors built into the tyre’s tread for stone drilling resistance and casing durability. The tyre provides resistance against irregular wear across its Steer and Drive axles, applying a zig-zag shoulder groove and mini sipes to counter irregular wear resistance. This is combined with a brake control rib in the tyre’s shoulder groove, improving the tyre’s resistance to irregular wear.

The latest addition to the Firestone tyre portfolio delivers reliable handling in mild snow and wet conditions across its Steer and Drive axles, enabled by an optimised footprint and contact pressure distribution for handling performance. A combination of high sipes and block density, and anti-slip block design, increasing edge elements for traction and braking enables reliable traction performance in mild snow conditions in the Drive axle. With M+S and 3PMSF markings, the Firestone Roadhawk Winter tyre range is winter-ready.

Reduced Abrasion and Greater Durability

“Reliability is of utmost importance to fleets when it comes to tyres, especially in winter,” said Waqqas Ahmad, Commercial Sales Director Bridgestone EMEA. “We wanted to provide drivers and fleet professionals in the mid-segment with a tyre that could deliver throughout the year – reducing both operational challenges and total cost of ownership. We’re very proud to launch the very first Firestone Winter tyre range in the commercial segment and bring durable and uncompromised year-round efficiency to fleet operations.”

Developed at Bridgestone’s R&D Centre in Rome, the design and performance characteristics of the Firestone Roadhawk Winter range are based on the features of Bridgestone premium truck tyres. This includes the use of proven and validated tyre technologies as well as the use of modern rubber compounds and materials. These ensure reduced abrasion and greater durability, increasing the service life of the tyres.

Manufactured in Europe, the tyre range will be available throughout the continent from July 2024 in four dimensions. The Firestone Roadhawk Winter Steer will be available in the dimensions 385/65 R 22.5 and 385/55 R 22.5, while the Firestone Roadhawk Winter Drive will be available in the dimensions 315/80 R 22.5 and 315/70 R 22.5.

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