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FIA European Truck Racing Championships Continues Exclusive Goodyear Partnership

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship are once again opting for Goodyear to be the trusted tyre supplier until the end of 2024, with Goodyear technology helping support FIA ETRC’s net-zero target over the coming seasons. 

Three More Years for FIA ETRC and Goodyear Partnership

Maciej Szymanski, Director of Marketing for Commercial Business Europe at Goodyear, said of the tyre manufacturer’s commitment to FIA ETRC: “The race-prepared 1,500 hp trucks have incredible acceleration with 30-160 kilometre/hour speeds being dispatched in just six seconds. In addition to harnessing this power, the Goodyear tyres also have to cope with high G-forces, kerb strikes and intense track temperatures. It’s over twenty years since we developed our first ETRC tyre, and we are delighted to be appointed as sole supplier for another three years.”

In past years, FIA ETRC events attracted over 420,000 spectators, with the event known for being an integral platform for tyre development. The tyre remains an important component to drive results on the track, which matches the crucial purpose tyres serve for daily transport fleet operations. Efficiency and uptime are essential to staying ahead of the game.

The experience of extreme situations in motorsport is a great medium for Goodyear’s on-road, test track, simulation and laboratory research and testing. The tyre data gathered from extreme race conditions enables the engineering team to develop new innovative tread and carcass technologies combining both low rolling resistance and durability for advanced on-road performance.

FIA ETRC Always on the Look-Out for High-performance and Sustainability Qualities

The FIA ETRC is underway to become a leading platform in the road haulage industry with a sustainability roadmap in place. This was demonstrated through becoming a signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, which helps implement the Paris Agreement. The agreement is a crucial requirement to reach greenhouse gas emission neutrality in the future.

Rolf Werner, ETRA managing director: “This year, all trucks switched to 100% renewable biofuel (HVO), becoming the first-ever FIA-regulated championship to do so, and bio-LNG is being pioneered in the pace truck. The championship’s framework for sustainability transition is working towards a net-zero target of 2038, and Goodyear has pledged to contribute to this. We look forward to working closely in the next years towards a greener future.”

The 2021 FIA ETRC featured events at major European venues, including Formula 1 circuits like Hungaroring and a season finale at Le Mans. The 2022 season will feature eight major competitions across eight European countries. The races, which takes place between May-October – will ensure another major championship year for the FIA ETRC

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