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Esneagri Launching a Campaign to Reach 300 Centres in Spain


Esneagri is undertaking a recruitment campaign to reach 300 centres across Spain in 2024.

Boosting Its Presence

Esneagri, a specialised distributor of agricultural tyres in Spain, has launched a campaign to attract new Esneagri Centres, aiming to boost its presence in the centre and north of the Peninsula and provide farmers with a professional network of tyre workshops to help them improve their performance.

Esneagri already consists of more than 200 workshops that sell all types of agricultural tyres, receiving continuous training and support from suppliers, making them true specialists of choosing appropriate tyres at all times to meet each farmer’s needs. “Since founding Esneagri in 2013, one of our main goals has been to prioritise the benefit of our clients, a business philosophy that has allowed us to create a network of associated workshops that know how to equip farmers with the most appropriate tyre model instead of the most expensive one, helping farmers meet both their productive and economic needs,” says Esneagri manager, José Antonio Vargas.

“When farmers go to our centres, they are assured that they are getting professional advice to adapt their machinery to the crop they are working on. At Esneagri, we support all of our centres with everything they need to meet each of our client’s needs while providing them with various tyre brands so that they always have an alternative,” says Vargas.

Expanding the Concept

Currently, Esneagri Centres are mainly concentrated in the southern half of the Peninsula, thanks to a complete program of training courses that provide associates with proper knowledge to help farmers achieve maximum profitability of their investments while choosing the right tyres for their machinery. “We want to expand our workshops and distribution network to the entire country, based on specialisation, professionalism and after-sales services, setting our goal to reach 300 centres in 2024,” Vargas concluded.

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