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Dynamon Put Fuel Savings to Test

Dynamon Fuel Test

UK based Dynamon spent the week of the 23rd July at Millbrook Proving Ground monitoring two ASDA HGV trucks circulate the high-speed circuit. The test was supported by a number of partners, including Michelin and Continental, but the test was not about tyres.

Dynamon Investigate Fuel Savings

Dynamon’s team has developed algorithms that can monitor and assess all the vehicle telematics data and arrive at vehicle specific optimum settings to ensure the optimum fuel consumption. The week at Millbrook was about putting the Dynamon algorithms to the test in a controlled environment.

Dr. Angus Webb, CEO of Dynamon, believes that the system that his team has developed can be used by fleets to ensure that every vehicle, on every route, has the optimum setting through its tyres and aerodynamics for its own use, taking into account tyres, aerodynamics, loading, tyre temperatures and pressures and of course tyre type and tyre wear. “Companies talk about fuel saving practices, our system, by collating all the telematics from the vehicle, individually, can give fleet managers a tool that allows them to optimise fuel savings, vehicle by vehicle.” Said Webb.

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