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ContiPressureCheck Keeps Kane Group Moving

ContiPressureCheck Kane Group

ContiPressureCheck boosts tyre longevity for earthwork and aggregates group, Kane Group. Advanced tyre pressure monitoring system from Continental reduces the risk of under-inflated tyres, and cost savings from tyre failure reductions boost customer service and vehicle safety. 

Kane Group Chooses Continental’s ContiPressureCheck

Ever since Kane Group adopted Continental’s tyre pressure monitoring system, ContiPressureCheck, across its fleet of tipper trucks, the contractor and aggregate supplier has never looked back. As a leader in one of the most demanding sectors for commercial vehicles and equipment, the team needed a way to reduce their escalating tyre costs, whilst boosting reliability and overall safety. The implementation of ContiPressureCheck across its fleet has proven to be the perfect fix for the company’s challenging needs. 

Operating across the South-East of England since 1983, Kane Group has evolved from a loose muck-away and aggregates business into a multifaceted earthworks, construction, demolition and waste removal firm. Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, the group incorporates five separate companies and holds a combined fleet totalling more than £7million. 

“In the harsh, tough environments that our trucks are working in every day, it’s inevitable that the tyres are going to take a kicking,” explains Transport Manager, Jordan Kane. “To meet the needs of our customers, we frequently drive off-road on tracks littered with sharp rocks with a heavy payload. This puts a huge strain on the performance of the tyre that, without careful management, can rapidly develop an issue. In the worst-case scenario, that could leave a vehicle stranded, a customer disappointed and require us to fit a costly replacement.” 

Prior to fitting Continental’s ContiPressureCheck, Kane Group struggled to maximise the working life of its tyres. Damage was common and tyres were being removed from service prematurely. “Tyres, or more specifically dealing with tyre failures, is an expensive cost to the business and it’s an outgoing that traditionally has been hard to control,” Jordan admits. “In this line of work, it’s very easy to run an under-pressure tyre, but ContiPressureCheck has undoubtedly helped to remedy this issue.” 

“When we discovered ContiPressureCheck, we were really impressed with both its capability and potential to deliver a real benefit to our business,” says Jordan. “It was clear to see that once we began implementing it on our trucks, we were able to reduce the number of tyre failures. We do still get punctures now and again, but when this happens, they are typically repairable, where previously the tyre was more likely to be written off altogether. Put simply, ContiPressureCheck has saved us a lot of time, a lot of grief and a lot of money. It’s certainly paid for itself very quickly in savings and it’s meant that we can offer an even more reliable service to our customers, which is fantastic.” 

Following an initial trial, Kane Group’s relationship with Continental has grown, with the company now utilising ContiPressureCheck on more than 30 vehicles. “The service we receive from Continental is second to none,” Jordan recounts. “I’d love to say that they go above and beyond to help us out, but they don’t need to, as they’ve always got everything under control.” 

The company was introduced to the system by Ian Jackson, Digital Solutions and Technical Systems Manager at Continental Tyres. “We’re always on hand to support our clients throughout the ContiPressureCheck ownership experience,” explains Ian. “I was pleased to guide the team through the product and help them find a solution to fit their needs. Kane Group has a truly knowledgeable in-house service and maintenance division, so they were able to fit the product to the fleet themselves. We’re delighted that the system has helped them to not only increase the longevity of their tyres but also allowed them to reap the benefits on aspects such as safety too.” 

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