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Continental Has Published a New Comprehensive White Paper

Continental White Paper

Continental has published a comprehensive White Paper exploring the basic structure, technical background and overall landscape of the commercial vehicle tyre market.

Continental White Paper

The 40-page White Paper offers extensive information on the fundamentals of tyre design, development and production. It also delves into the themes of sustainability, protection of resources and circular economy through the lens of commercial vehicle tyres. Interviews with experts, plus graphics, illustrations and photos feature in an all-encompassing pool of material providing exhaustive information on the topic.

Legal requirements such as the EU Taxonomy, Green Vehicles Directive and toll regulations aim to massively reduce emissions of trucks, buses and coaches. Fleet efficiency, cost savings and comprehensive lifecycle solutions are therefore gaining increasing importance. “Tyres have a significant impact on the sustainability of a fleet and fleet costs,” says Hinnerk Kaiser, Development Bus and Truck Tyres EMEA at Continental Tyres. On average, tyres are an influencing factor in half of a fleet’s costs. “In the new White Paper, our tyre experts talk about the latest new developments in the tyre world when it comes to saving fuel and optimising rolling resistance, as well as tyre life, circular economy in the area of tyres and retreading as an efficient way of increasing the sustainability of a fleet.”

Commercial Vehicle Tyres: The Full Story

Across five main chapters, the White Paper “Tyres for Commercial Vehicles” explores the most pertinent issues at play in the production and application of commercial vehicle tyres. After the “Background to the Story” section has set the scene for the subject at hand, the White Paper shines the spotlight on tyre design, production and development.

The next two chapters then provide in-depth insights into the use of alternative materials in tyre production, the pathway to a circular economy at Continental’s Tyres group sector, tyre ageing and the retreading process for commercial vehicle tyres.

Digital Solutions for Green Fleet Management

The White Paper devotes a whole chapter to outlining the importance of digital solutions for tyre management within future-focused fleets. Points of focus here include real-time tyre data, predictive maintenance, new forms of mobility and, as always, cost-effectiveness. Continental’s contribution to green fleet management is exemplified by its Conti360° Solutions package of services and Lowest Overall Driving Cost (LODC) holistic consultancy approach.

Recent studies suggest that the total cost of ownership remains the principal driver in decision-making, while sustainability factors are also becoming important purchase criteria. All in all, the new White Paper does a comprehensive job of covering the range of trends and themes currently affecting the commercial vehicle tyre segment.

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