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ContiConnect Already in Use on Lime Quarry Vehicles

ContiConnect Lime Quarry Vehicles

Continental and Schlüter Baumaschinen GmbH at its quarry in Oetelshofen use digital tyre management with Vodafone.

ContiConnect Protects Against Dangerous and Costly Punctures

Current mobility is fully connected and digitised. It allows to create greater safety and efficiency on the roads, in industrial spaces and in many extraordinary workplaces, such as the Oetelshofen quarry, where digital mobility is already part of everyday life. Together with Continental, Vodafone Germany is creating the highest possible safety for drivers by enabling a seamless and efficient process flow, with the digital tyre management.

The long service life of the vehicles working in this type of quarry and the low downtime in the event of a breakdown are crucial in this environment controlled by giant machines. If a dump truck breaks down on the road due to a puncture, the entire process in the quarry is interrupted and operations can come to a complete standstill. If one of the machines fails, this also costs time and money. This is why Schlüter Baumaschinen GmbH is using digital tyre management from Continental. It sends alert messages before tyre damage occurs, thus offering the greatest possible safety for employees and machines, as well as efficiency for process flows.

With the ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring system, a sensor installed in the tyres continuously monitors tyre pressure and temperature. The data is sent every two minutes via mobile communications to selected recipients, such as the driver and head office staff, as well as to a central web portal, so that everyone always has a clear view of the condition of the vehicles and tyres.

In critical situations, ContiConnect automatically sends warning messages to recipients on the driver’s cab display, web portal or via text and email. The tyre data is sent securely to the Continental cloud via the Vodafone data card and from there to the ContiConnect web portal. In this way, fleet managers at the quarry and service partners such as Schlüter have an overview of the tyres of the entire fleet at all times. Using digital tyre management costly tyre failures in heavy or large vehicles are avoided.

Continental has continuously refined its digital tyre monitoring system and has been supplying its heavy-duty radial tyres with factory digital sensors since 2016. The current ContiConnect allows vehicle fleet tyres to be monitored continuously and independently of location. This means that the tyre pressure is constantly kept at the correct level, thus saving fuel. With continuous monitoring, the tyres have a longer service life and their maintenance can be carried out proactively, thus avoiding downtime. Secure and fast data transfer, even in remote locations such as quarries and construction sites, secures lime removal and makes digital tyre management a pioneering system for raw material extraction.

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