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Commercial Vehicle Registrations in Spain Growing This Year

Commercial Vehicle Registrations in Spain

Light commercial vehicle registration grew by 29.1% in Spain, with 15,565 sales. Buses, coaches and minibuses sales increased by 19.7% in May 2024, with 2,978 units sold.

Commercial Vehicle Registrations in Spain

Light commercial vehicle registrations in Spain recorded a strong growth of 29.1% in May. The country registered a total of 69,096 in the first five months of 2024, a 21.5% increase compared to last year, ANFAC reports. Rental companies registered 3,104 sales, representing the highest increase out of all sectors, with 99.2% more registrations compared to last year. Businesses registered a 12.6% increase with 9,841 units and self-employed persons had an increase of 48.8%, with 2,620 sales.

The regions that have the highest number of industrial vehicles registered between January and May 2024 include Murcia (1,061), Madrid (2,557), Catalonia (2,203), Andalucia (1,572) and Valencia (1,212). Some of the most purchased vehicle brands include Renault Trucks, Scania, DAF, MAN and Volvo, among others.

Speaking of the number of bus registrations, Madrid saw 459 buses registered between January and May 2024, followed by Catalonia (324), the Canary Islands (203), Andalucia (192) and Basque and Castilla de Mancha both standing at 121. The most purchased bus brands among others include Neoplan, Mercedes, Volvo, Scania and Irize.

The regions with the highest number of light commercial vehicle registrations in the same period include Madrid (34,421), Catalonia (7,097), Andalucia (5,807), Valencia (4,968) and the Canary Islands (3,872). The most purchased light commercial vehicle brands include Volkswagen, Mercedes, Citroen, Ford and Toyota.

Industrial Vehicles and Buses

In May 2024, industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses registered a significant sales increase. The sector achieved a 19.7% increase, with 2,978 units sold. There were 15,465 units sold this year, representing a 22.4% increase. By vehicle type, both industrial vehicles, buses and coaches markets managed to grow, with an improvement of 14.2% and 65.9%, respectively in May 2024. Industrial vehicles totalled 2,535 new units registered, while buses and coaches had 443 new registrations.

Talking about the market in general, Raúl Morales, Communication Director of FACONAUTO, indicated that “Vehicle registrations in May confirm the upward trend that we already saw in April and leave us with a stable market. The business sector still shows no signs of recovery compared to last year’s figures. A positive fact about these registrations in May is that we are once again approaching those 100,000 sales that, psychologically, are positive for the sector and that mark a favourable trend that, we hope, will be confirmed in the coming summer months when sales are usually better.”

Tania Puche, Communication Director of GANVAM, explained the market conditions saying “Registrations in May are close to 100,000 units, which we can consider the natural volume of our market, taking into account our level of population, motorisation and income per capita. However, the statistics are still 20% lower compared to the pre-pandemic period. Above all, the market is driven by the rental companies’ purchases, which are preparing for the summer tourist campaign; while business registrations remain negative, showing the lack of business investment.”

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