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CEAT Specialty unveils Tyre Innovations at AGRITECHNICA 2023

CEAT Specialty

CEAT Specialty,  is showcasing a range of engineering and environmental advancements in the tyre range at AGRITECHNICA 2023 in Hannover (Nov 12-18).

CEAT presented its Sustainmax, Energymax and Floatmax, among other innovations

Leveraging its presence at AGRITECHNICA, CEAT aims to emphasise the company’s dedication to environmentally responsible tyre production and performance – a crucial consideration for farmers in the 21st century. The products launched at AGRITECHNICA 2023 include Sustainable, Electric, Forestry, VF Flotation, and Multipurpose application tyres.

At AGRITECHNICA 2023, CEAT Specialty unveiled its breakthrough Sustainable tyre concept, Sustainmax—a pioneering product in the Agri VF segment, incorporating over 80% sustainable materials. The Sustainmax tyre is designed with sustainable materials sourced from bio sources such as natural rubber, rice husk silica, bio-based resin, and recycled materials like recovered carbon black and polyester from scrapped PET bottles.

Additionnally, CEAT introduced its new Electric Tyre platform, Energymax, marking the company’s entry into the electric vehicle segment. These tyres are tailor-made for electric vehicles, ensuring extended battery life and the ability to handle high torque.

Mr. Amit Tolani, Chief Executive of CEAT Specialty, expressed enthusiasm, stating “Our new sustainable tyre, Sustainmax, and electric platform, Energymax, reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. We take pride in being industry pioneers, introducing a tyre that not only delivers exceptional performance but also contributes to a greener planet”.

CEAT Specialty further unveiled a comprehensive range of forestry tyres at AGRITECHNICA 2023, covering key segments such as log skidders and forwarder harvesters. Mr Tolani remarked, “Our expansion into forestry tyres marks a significant milestone in our growth journey. Following our success in agriculture, industrial, mining, and port applications, and consistenly delivering high-quality products, we are excited to introduce the Forestry tyre range to our customers at this year’s AGRITECHNICA”. The launch exemplifies CEAT Specialty’s commitment to providing high-performance solutions that meet the stringent requirements of forestry professionals, ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency.

A noteworthy addition to CEAT Specialty’s product lineup is the VF Flotation Tyre range, Floatmax VF X3, introduced at AGRITECHNICA 2023. Leveraging Very High Flexon (VF) Technology, this tyre aims to set new standards in efficiency and performance for radial flotation tyres.

Another highlight at the exhibition is the introduction of the Multipurpose range tyre, MULTIROADMAX. Tailored for use on tractors operating in agriculture, haulage, and municipality applications, the Multiroadmax range further underscores CEAT Specialty’s commitment to diversifying its product range to meet evolving customer needs responsibly.

CEAT also showcased rubber tracks for Agri tractors and Combine Harvesters at AGRITECHNICA.

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