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CAM’s Brexit-Proof Online Payment Gateway

CAM Brexit-Proof

As Brexit is formalised, CAM is introducing a new online payment gateway in April 2020 that will align with future trading conditions to be negotiated between the UK and its EU trading country partners in the months ahead.

CAM Due to Launch New Online Payment System

It will also meet the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Regulation, part of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services, which came into force on 14 September 2019, aimed at reducing fraudulent crime associated with online debit and credit card payments.

As e-jobsheet subscriptions continue to grow apace across commercial and fleet tyre service dealers, including new subscriptions on the continent, CAM is anticipating and responding to customers’ needs and requirements as a result of Brexit and beyond, particularly for those operating in and out of the UK, by moving to Stripe, a reputable and flexible global e-commerce payments platform.  The move will make the annual subscriptions process over the Internet easier and more convenient for standalone and integrated e-jobsheet.

Stripes payment processing platform, which is trusted by global banks and companies, will enable customers to register once or “as required” to create subscription payments for e-jobsheet rather than having to re-register every year, as has previously been the case. 

Stripe also makes life easy for operations that are multi-language, taking the hassle out of setting up e-jobsheet subscriptions across multiple territories.

Steve Daly, director of CAM International, says, “When the new Payment Gateway is launched, and as a subscriber you are mid-way through your annual regime for e-jobsheet, you dont need to worry about anything until you are coming to the end of it. We at CAM will get in touch and talk you through setting up the new payment process.”

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