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CAM: E-Jobsheet and fitter-force’s Versatility a Great Fit for Agri Sector

Steve Daly, Commercial Director for CAM heads up Part 4 in the 2021 Agricultural Feature for Commercial Tyre Business. Steve explained CAM’s approach to the demands being placed on IT suppliers such as themselves especially in terms of their product range and the key benefits they offer within the agricultural space.

Daly Speaks to Commercial Tyre Business in Agricultural Feature

Our first question to Steve was with regards to how CAM was facing up to the demands of agricultural dealers, specifically in relation to what these organisations are asking from IT suppliers such as themselves. In response to this, Steve underlined how the company’s technology that has been tried and tested over years delivers for the agricultural segment as much as it does for other segments like truck, bus and van.

“Throughout the pandemic the commercial sector has remained buoyant and has, in fact, grown during the various lockdowns,” he responded.

“Dealers are diversifying their operations and introducing new work streams, and agriculture is regarded as essential servicing.  So, they may be performing ad hoc work, although it is not necessarily the mainstay of all of their tyre service businesses.”


It was here that Steve highlighted the versatility of CAM’s technologies and product offerings, “The good news from CAM from our customers’ perspective is that the technologies we have developed cater for the agricultural sector as much as they do for truck, bus and van, so dealers are already equipped to chase and respond to business diversification.”

So, what products and systems have CAM put in place for the agricultural sector? Our recent interview with Steve Daly at the start of 2021 focused in keenly on the key advantages that the fitter-force programme holds for the commercial vehicle sector. In the same vein, fitter-force was designed to meet the requirements of the agricultural sector.

Daly explains, “To meet the requirements of commercial customers including the agricultural sector, CAM developed its fitter-force platform and the simple e-jobsheet tablet app to enable agricultural dealers to manage their stock profiles effectively and allocate the stock to a job by pushing the data via TiDaeX using e-jobsheet.”

The Commercial Director of CAM continued, “e-jobsheet integration into fitter-force provides a link between the dealer’s back office and the mobile technicians employing the tablet app.  It delivers job status updates and, importantly, as the stock is allocated to the jobs and vehicles, the dealer can benefit from continuous visibility of all the work being conducted and its stock position.”


Another advantage of e-jobsheet which will be of interest to the agricultural sector is how policy advice to the technician is supported on the platform. Policy advice is often essential in agricultural service work, and this emphasises how beneficial it is for the technician to have easy access to policy advice in a quick and efficient way.

Additionally, the technology facilitates excellent stock management and provides greater control and visibility in relation to what is happening with the tyres out on the road, as well as back in the stock room. These benefits are ones that don’t only apply to the agricultural sector, but busvan and truck as well.

Daly adds, “Although a job may be originated by the technician on the e-jobsheet tablet app, it will come back to the fitter-force platform, and the back-office user can utilise the system’s functionality to reconcile the stock, delivering excellent stock management and providing greater control over what is happening with the tyres when they are out on the road.

“The technology can be implemented very easily and quickly, which makes it ideal for independent tyre businesses, particularly those needing to service a diverse variety of vehicles including, of course, agricultural.”

With the versatility and adaptability of the e-jobsheet and fitter-force platforms, CAM will be at the forefront of solving the issues and demands that the agricultural sector throws their way.

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