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Bridgestone VX for Knöll & Vogel

Bridgestone VX Knöll Vogel

Three generations share their everyday life at the Knöll & Vogel family winery partnered with Bridgestone as its tyre supplier.

Knöll & Vogel Choose Bridgestone VX

More than 80 hectares of vineyards are cultivated by Knöll & Vogel in the Rhine plain in the transition to the Palatinate Forest.

The family of vintners at Knöll & Vogel takes care of all production steps, from the original production to distribution with its own vinotheque.

Stefan Trutter, field manager at Knöll & Vogel, is responsible for the grape quality, workforce and machinery. He has precise ideas about the properties of the right tyres for machines from the multi-award-winning winery must-have.

The slopes of the Palatinate Forest with thin limestone and sandstone soils and the loess-loam soils of the Rhine plain form the special subsoil on which the Knöll & Vogel winery is located. With an area of approximately 5 km around the winery – road trips and field lanes, which require special care, are part of the daily challenges. “Therefore, a tyre is needed that offers traction both in the field as well as on the road and works in a way that is gentle on the turf.” explains Stefan Trutter.

“In addition to good traction and high load capacity, consistent wear resistance is important – not least because of driving on the road.”


Bridgestone premium agricultural VX-Tractor tyres meet the expectations of the graduate agricultural engineer. These are mounted on the Fendt 211 Vario narrow gauge tractor and the Braud 9070L grape harvester, in sizes 320/65R16 and 440/65R24 and 420/70R24 and 540/65R28.

These tyres offer better soil protection thanks to their larger contact area.  The largest and widest tyre dimensions are used for the winery’s tractors. In this way, reduced ground pressure with increased lateral stability can be guaranteed, which offers protection for the subsoil.

“The large lugs of the Bridgestone tyres work particularly gently and are therefore ideal for our harvesters, which are used as multi-purpose vehicles,” says Stefan Trutter. The soil-protecting operation of the VX-Tractor is ensured by the optimal interlocking of the lugs and soil with a large contact area.

“Thanks to its durable carcass, the premium agricultural tyre also ensures maximum stability with outstanding load capacity,” notes Christoph Frost, Director of Commercial Products Bridgestone Central Europe, adding; “Together with its longer service life in transport use, it sets standards for more performance at high loads and thus meets the highest demands of farmers.”

“In addition to good traction and high load capacity, constant wear resistance is significant,” explains Stefan Trutter.

“Bridgestone agricultural tyres meet the needs of our winery with their special properties. The smooth-running, the high driving comfort and the good mileage are particularly convincing,” says Stefan Trutter. In addition to the premium agricultural tyres, he also appreciates the premium service from Bridgestone, which is offered through Reifen-Daußmann GmbH.

“The good support from our tyre partner is always reliable,” says the field manager of the winery. The production of excellent quality wine requires technical support that meets the expectations of the winery. Bridgestone’s premium products meet the winery’s requirements, which is one of the “DLG TOP 100 best wine producers”.

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