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Bridgestone Invests in Long-Haul Trucking Technology Company, Kodiac Robotics

Bridgestone Kodiac Robotics

Bridgestone has invested in Kodiak Robotics, which develops and deploys long-haul shipping trucks with level 4 autonomy. Bridgestone will integrate its smart-sensing tyre technologies in Kodiak’s trucks, as well as pilot future mobility technologies.

Bridgestone Extends Its Smart Tyre Technology Research

Bridgestone has invested in the U.S.-based self-driving trucking company, Kodiak Robotics, in a move designed to allow Bridgestone to integrate its smart-sensing technologies and fleet solutions into Kodiak’s autonomous trucks. Bridgestone will also be able to pilot future autonomous and smart tyre technologies to work on both vehicle intelligence and advancing safer more efficient sustainable mobility.

“Automated vehicles offer several benefits to commercial fleet customers and society, including safer roads with fewer unexpected incidents, and upwards of 20 per cent savings in fuel and efficiency,” said Paolo Ferrari, Global Chief Solutions Officer, Bridgestone Corporation, and President & CEO, Bridgestone Americas. “Advancements in tyre-centric technologies are critical to unlocking greater innovation in mobility, while also delivering significant sustainability benefits. This investment will enable Bridgestone and Kodiak to work together to co-develop advanced mobility solutions with speed and precision that will revolutionise commercial trucking.”

Kodiak works in Texas, moving freight autonomously for its customers in their level 4 self-driving long-haul trucks. With plans to deploy driverless trucks, full vehicle intelligence is a major key to unlocking safe, efficient and sustainable autonomy for Kodiak and its customers. Bridgestone’s suite of cloud-based technologies leverages connected vehicle data to help predict tyre health and maintenance, as well as optimise tyre lifespan. Additionally, Bridgestone’s vehicle platform technologies provide tyre intelligence to vehicle safety and autonomous systems to tune their performance and drive safer outcomes. Together, Kodiak and Bridgestone will be able to link vehicle-based and smart-sensing tyre technologies to improve vehicle safety, fleet efficiency, and the next generation of autonomous trucking solutions.

“After an extensive diligence process, Bridgestone has chosen Kodiak as an autonomous trucking partner,” said Don Burnette, Co-founder and CEO, Kodiak Robotics. “Bridgestone’s investment is a huge moment for Kodiak and a great validation of our industry-leading autonomous system. As part of our partnership, we are pleased to welcome Bridgestone’s Chief Technology Officer and Group President, Solutions Businesses, Nizar Trigui, to our Board of Directors as an observer. Kodiak and Bridgestone will work together to advance self-driving trucking technology, from tyres and sensors to predictive maintenance.”

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