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BKT Tires Unveils Tyre Range for Compactors, Suitable for Different Environment and Applications

BKT has finalised its research and development of its tyre range designed for compacting operations in the industrial and construction sector. 

Compacting Tyres to Improve Stability, Resistance and Extend Tyre Life Cycle

Starting with the PAC MASTER, available in various sizes, BKT’s tyre ensures stability and a prolonger life cycle due to its special compound to endow the tyre with strength on the move. The tyre can also dissipate heat that is caused by the temperature of the road surface during laying.

For an enhanced tyre, the PAC MASTER PLUS has a wider contact area, which allows for more stability, heat resistance and durability during operations. 

For agro-industrial models, suitable for soil compactors, the TR 387, available in various versions, is suits industrial tractors thanks to its double bead structure. Durable and resistant to cuts and tears, the tyre can handle heavy-duty work. 

The TR 390 can handle high load capacity and durability as well. The tyre is also available, depending on the size required in “Dual Bead HD” and “Dual Bead HD Special.” 

Finally, the TR 391 compactor range is suitable for transport and compaction operations, with sizes between 14.9-24, rounding off BKT’s extensive range of compactor tyres for the ever-evolving market and needs of its customers. 

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