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BKT’s AGRIMAX FORCE: The Right Equipment for Fodder Crops


BKT reports the first-hand experience of Angelo Caligari from the farming company Crocetta, who has chosen AGRIMAX FORCE tyres for his tractor 

BKT’s Tractor Tyre Providing Great Stability and Control 

Founded by the Caligari family in Pralboino, in the province of Brescia in North Italy, the farming company Crocetta has been rearing dairy cows for over eighty years.  

All of the activities undertaken by the company, from animal husbandry to cultivating fodder crops in the surrounding countryside, translate into a single, genuine end product: high-quality milk. Nowadays the company is run by Angelo Caligari, who leads the business he inherited from his father and uncles. 

“Here the morning starts early – says Angelo Caligari – at 6 we start work in the sheds and this goes on to around 9, after which and until the end of the day we focus on managing and cultivating our fields where the fodder used to feed our herd grows.” 

In order to optimise the work in the field, Angelo decided to fit out his John Deere 8360 R tractor with BKT‘s tyres, AGRIMAX FORCE. 

“What advantages do these tyres offer you? For sure, great stability and perfect control of the vehicle. The tractor does not lose power or speed, which makes our work in the fields much easier – Angelo notes. “We needed a product which would let us have the best possible ride, both on the road and in the field. AGRIMAX FORCE tyres provided a perfect answer to this need thanks to their IF technology which lets you work on different types of terrain without having to change tyre pressure. Lastly, the product’s properties and features ensure the cleaning of the tyre in just a few minutes once you leave the field.” 

BKT’s AGRIMAX FORCE tyres are designed to equip large, powerful tractors on every type of terrain, thus improving their performance. Their IF technology ensures that vehicles can have a wider tyreprint and so excellent flotation on the ground, thus reducing the impact on the soil. 

Resistance, traction, speed and flexibility are without question the qualities which best characterise AGRIMAX FORCE tyres. 

“These tyres really meet all our needs, simplifying the day to day work we do in the field. It is equipment which helps us manage our land and so preserve its health and thus contribute to the final production of high-quality milk.” 

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