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BKT Presented FORESTMAX and FORESTLAND for Agriculture and Forestry


BKT presented FORESTMAX and FORESTLAND, specifically designed to meet the needs of mixed usage, combining operational efficiency on farming land and excellent performance in woodland areas.


FORESTMAX (radial construction) and FORESTLAND (cross-ply construction) respond exactly to the typical needs of rural areas that are characterised by a high degree of land diversity, such as in agroforestry – thus demanding from an operational point of view and highly challenging for the machinery. Introduced a few months ago, these tyres are a reliable and highly safe solution whose strength lies in their versatility.

“We have been looking for a solution that meets the demands of farming businesses alternating between field applications and more strenuous activities, such as operations in woodland and forest areas. These two new tyres stand out for their adaptability to use on variable and rough terrains with plenty of branches, woody scraps, roots, stones and debris that might damage unsuitable fittings,”  says Denis Piccolo, Product Manager for Agriculture Tyres, BKT Europe. “That is not the case with FORESTMAX and FORESTLAND, which are indeed two perfect solutions to cope with the varying operational needs of these two environments.”

Traction and Resistance

Robustness and extraordinary cut-and-chip resistance, even under the toughest operating, are key features of these two tyres from BKT. FORESTMAX features a specially developed tread compound and a steel-belted structure that significantly reduces the risk of punctures in woodland; whilst on rough and uneven terrain, the tyre ensures traction and stability thanks to its strong open shoulder. FORESTLAND, on the other hand, is a particularly strong and resistant tyre that can cope also with challenging conditions thanks to a special polyester casing and its strong sidewall, ensuring a long product life.

The combination of tread resistance and shoulder design makes FORESTMAX a tyre with excellent self-cleaning properties, which can also be used for some agricultural operations with tractors, such as soil tillage and stone crushing. FORESTLAND’s open shoulder design, instead, provides excellent traction on soft soils, while the stiff, reinforced tread lugs ensure good grip on any terrain along with high self-cleaning properties.

Stability is another feature these two products have in common – essential for tackling the harsh operating conditions of forestry in full safety.

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