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BKT Offers Solutions for Port Operators with PORTMAX Range

The PORTMAX range from BKT Tires offers tyres suitable for the various machines operating in port hubs, guaranteeing resistance, traction and complete safety.

Resistance, Maximum Traction on Dry and Wet Surfaces Makes for Heightened Durability over Time

For the qualities of resistance and maximum traction on dry and wet surfaces, BKT believes these are essential for ports, with the tyres needing to be designed specifically for different operations.

Bridge cranes need solutions with very robust casings that can withstand the considerable weight of the machinery. Container handling vehicles, on the other hand, require tyres guaranteeing maximum operational efficiency and exceptional stability when lifting; in particular, for reach stackers, tyres are needed that ensure excellent manoeuvrability and optimal control in lifting mode. Terminal tractors, given the long distances they travel, on the other hand, need require maximum resistance to wear and tear and excellent grip.

BKT has developed different port tyres to suit these differing applications. These tyres are suitable for logistics and port handling and operate on irregular and treacherous areas, such as worksites with rough cemented surfaces. Importantly, these tyres can lift heavy loads without any safety risks.

BKT’s PORTMAX PM 90 suits reach stackers. As the radial tyre has multilayer steel belts, the belts guarantee sturdy stability for handling high loads. The All Steel structure offers strength to the casing and distribution for loads on the ground. The special anti-static compound of this tyre ensures high heat resistance and a prolonged life cycle, thanks to the ability to withstand impacts, cuts and wear and tear.

The PORTMAX PM also has reduced rolling resistance to help significantly reduce fuel consumption. This product is available in the 18.00 R 25 size.

The PORTMAX PM 93 PLUS is suited for straddle carriers, bridge and RTG cranes. As the tyre is particularly resistant and has a high load capacity, the radial tyre is ideal for intermodal transport for straddle carriers, offering a comfortable ride without slippage while reducing fuel consumption. Thanks to its strength and robustness, it can operate even in difficult situations, handling heavy loads and maintaining good stability. This product is available in the 16.00 R 25 size.

The third title in the range is the PORTMAX PT 93, which is suitable for terminal tractors. The tyre is developed for terminal tractors and is a suitable fit for port and interport operations. The tread, designed with a special anti-static compound, offers particular resistance to wear and tear even in demanding situations to minimise the frequency of replacement and the related vehicle downtime. Excellent stability, driving comfort and prolonged durability are the technical characteristics for intermodal transport. This product is available in two sizes – the 280/75 R 22.5, 310/80 R 22.5 and 315/60 R 22.5 sizes.

With PORTMAX, BKT’s latest solutions help provide solutions for the different activities within the sector.

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