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Banbury-Based Norbar Torque Tools Appoints New Managing Director

Banbury-based Norbar Torque Tools Ltd. has appointed a new managing director to lead the manufacturers’ global operations.  

Norbar Torque Appoints New Managing Director 

John Reynertson is the incoming managing director for the company and will replace the outgoing Andrew Lobo. He brings 36 years of experience in the torque tool industry to the role. John Reynertson joins Norbar from his role as president at Sturtevant Richmont, a US company recently purchased by Norbar’s owner Snap-on, that has designed and manufactured torque wrenches and torque control solutions since the 1920s. His appointment is part of the continuing collaboration between the three organisations to bring customers the best quality torque products for their industries.

Mr Reynertson is looking forward to the challenge of running a larger company in a new region, working within an industry that he knows and loves so well. He believes he will bring with him his engineering expertise from his years at Sturtevant Richmont and apply that to the vibrant and fast-moving markets that Norbar serves. Mr Lobo has every confidence in John to continue to drive Norbar towards a successful future though his leaving the managing director position. He is also proud of all he achieved with the company in bringing the Snap-on expertise together with the rich Norbar history and will continue to work with its teams and those from Sturtevant Richmont as he returns to Snap-on in the US.


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