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Asian Tyre Imports Decreased in Spain

Asian Tyre Imports

According to the National Association of Tire Distributors and Importers (ADINE) data, Asian truck tyre imports in Spain decreased by 13.5%, until March 2024, with a total of 93,870 units imported, with an increase in imports from Vietnam (+19.5%) and Malaysia (+17%).

Asian Tyre Imports in Spain

Compared to March 2023, truck tyre imports to Spain from Asia decreased by 37.4% compared to March 2023, with 27,990 units imported and a notable increase in imports from Vietnam (+60.2%) and Indonesia (5.3%).

ADINE data registered until March 2024 shows a 1.2% increase in agricultural Asian tyre imports in Spain compared to last year, totalling 44,670 units imported, with 50% of them coming from India. Regarding the March 2024 data, agricultural tyre imports decreased by 4.7% compared to the same period last year, with a total of 14,050 units imported in March 2024.

Tyre imports from Asia in the construction and mining sectors fell by 14.5% according to data recorded until March 2024, totalling 23,720 units, half of it coming from China. The March 2024 data shows an increase of 126% in these sectors compared to last year, with 14,510 units imported, 71% of them coming from China.

According to Óscar Bas, executive secretary of ADINE, “The March data on imports from Asia, according to the ICEX, shows that the truck segment continues its decline so far this year, possibly as a consequence of the diversification of import sources and an adaptation to the changing dynamics of the global market.”

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