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ANFAC Suggests a Mixed Start to 2024

January 22024 Mixed Bag Anfac

ANFAC states that sales of commercial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses grew by 10.4% in January with 3,052 units

Spanish registrations of light commercial vehicles increase by 17.6% in the first month, with 11,134 sales

Spanish registrations of light commercial vehicles achieved a notable growth of 17.6 per cent, with 11,134 units in the first month. All market sectors managed to grow in January, except for the rental element. The greatest increase was recorded in the business channel, with 24.4 per cent and 8,583 units. For its part, sales to self-employed workers totalled 1,785 units, growing 11.3 per cent. The rental sector saw a decrease, with 20.5 per cent of sales and 766 units.

January registrations of commercial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses maintain their pace with a growth of 10.4 per cent and 3,052 units. By type of vehicle, industrial vehicles added 2,773 new registrations, increasing 12.1 per cent in January. As for buses, coaches and minibuses, they registered 279 sales, which registered a decrease of 4.1 per cent compared to the same period the previous year.

Félix García, director of communication and marketing at ANFAC, explained; “We start 2024 with a positive result. The market grew by 7.3 per cent and is close to 69,000 units. If we take into account that a large part of the orders placed in November and December 2022 were registered in January 2023 and that their deliveries were delayed due to a lack of vehicle transport trucks, last January has produced good data. It is true that we are still very far from the 2020 figures, but starting the year on the rise gives us optimism.

“We should realise how resilient the automobile sector is, knowing how to adapt to all types of endogenous and exogenous crises without stopping. Now we get the delays caused by the terrorist attacks in the Red Sea, and the severe drought that can affect not only people’s routines but also production of all kinds. of goods. We will see how February behaves, but, with this figure and, with all the precautions of it being January, we could be close to one million new passenger cars in 2024.”

Raúl Morales, communication director of FACONAUTO, indicated that; “The months of January registrations are never buoyant and the figures for this start of the year also show this. It is true that we are talking about growth, but this growth has been due, above all, to the good performance of the rental channel, which is growing by 90 per cent. Without that contribution, it is very likely that we would be talking about a decrease in the market, a drop in registrations. Even so, we are at very low sales volumes and that cannot make us lose the great objective for 2024, which is to ensure that all electrifications, both the pure electric vehicle and the plug-in hybrid, manage to exceed that 12 per cent contribution. Of course, with the registrations of the month of January we cannot aspire to those figures and we must bet on a much more robust market.”

Ganvam’s communications director, Tania Puche, highlighted that; “Registrations are starting the year positively, although still around 25 per cent below pre-pandemic levels. The market has overcome the chip crisis, but we cannot lose sight of the impact of geopolitical tensions in the sector, such as the case of the Red Sea conflict, which is causing delays and increased costs in the transport of goods, which may put upward pressure on the price of vehicles in the first months of 2024. This circumstance complicates the recovery and will cause Spain to remain on the threshold of one million units sold at the end of this year, when our natural volume is around 1 .2 million units; a figure that we have not seen since 2019.”

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