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Alphabet Fleet Sees Growth of EVs

Alphabet Fleet EVs

Alphabet, a leasing, fleet management and corporate mobility company has successfully closed the year 2022: with 700,000 vehicles, the company’s total fleet remained stable, despite high inflation and economic uncertainty.

Alphabet Annual Results: Demand for Sustainable Fleets Continues to Rise

The same applies to the volume of orders of about 200,000 vehicles per year. Also, in 2022, the company continued to expand globally, providing access to its services to customers in new countries such as Canada and Finland. Despite a highly volatile market, Alphabet has not lost sight of its key goals: keeping customers mobile at all times and offering them security and flexibility. Thanks to a significant increase in the Flexible Renting fleet (medium-term rental) or personalised solutions, contract extensions, excellent advisory services, and, above all, transparent communication, Alphabet has continued to facilitate the mobility of its customers.

Sustainability, driver of change

Once again, Alphabet’s business figures indicate that awareness and demand for alternative energy-powered and sustainable fleets continued to rise in 2022, following the upward trend of the previous year. Specifically, the eMobility segment (pure electric and plug-in hybrids) has shown strong growth in share.

In the last three years, there has been a significant increase in the fleet of electrified vehicles, which has continued in 2022 with the addition of 53,500 new units. Currently, one in three vehicles in the Alphabet fleet is partially or fully electric, representing 31% of the total new business in 2022.

“We have exceeded last year’s target by increasing the share of electrified vehicles in new business,” says Markus Deusing, CEO of Alphabet International. “We will continue our mission to drive awareness and demand for sustainable fleets, as this is of particular importance for our customers to achieve their ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) sustainability goals.”

A growing demand for flexibility

As a consequence of the pandemic, in 2022 the clear demand for greater flexibility became more evident than ever: customers changed their behaviour, fewer new vehicles were available, and the general business situation had changed due to economic uncertainty. As a result, interest in flexible solutions increased considerably, allowing Alphabet to continue expanding its Flexible Leasing business with more than 22,000 vehicles. Thus, Alphabet has maintained a practically constant volume of orders in 2022 and is more than optimistic for the future.

“We continue to see strong demand,” says Markus Deusing. “We have a strong order book, and more vehicles are expected to be available this year. By 2023, we expect strong growth again, especially for 100% electric vehicles.”

Alphabet’s most important objective is to support customers on their journey towards sustainability, sharing its knowledge and experience, and adding value through personalised advisory and consulting services in the transition to increasingly sustainable fleets.

Furthermore, the future of fleets will be determined by digital solutions that help customers reduce CO₂ emissions, making their lives much easier. Therefore, Alphabet will continue to focus on digitisation, increasing its investment in all digital services in 2023.

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