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Aeolus Launch the “NEO” Series

Aeolus NEO

In September, AEOLUS launched a new product portfolio branded the “NEO” Series of products in Italy. During the event, AEOLUS officially revealed its third generation of Truck Bus Radial (TBR) tyres, which offers a range of over 70 products from 17.5 inch tyres to 22.5 inch tyres, covering long distance, regional use, on/off use, off road use, and winter tyres.

The new products focus on high mileage, good handling, fuel economy, high reliability, safety and cost per km. The rolling resistance improves one grade in most sizes compared with second generation products. Select drive and steer tyres marked with the 3PMSF symbol are enhanced for driving in winter conditions. With advanced scientific technology and high manufacturing standards, the third generation AEOLUS products meet the requirement of demanding fleets, helping them to reduce their operating costs. Enhanced retreadability will also help fleets to reduce costs and improve their environmental impact. The new design and strict manufacturing process will ensure consistent performance and safety throughout the entire life of the tyre.

Many new technologies are incorporated in this product line, including new materials, new compounds, new production process, new belt structure and new pattern design. Additionally, in order to further enhance the product’s strength and sustainable development, we will continue to invest in employee training, new laboratory instruments, methodology and continuous process improvement. The Neo Series is the first result of the collaboration with Prometeon Tyre Group, the former Pirelli Industrial.

The third generation products are named the “Neo” series in order to differentiate from the forerunner generation products. With a new brand logo and a more attractive sidewall design, the end user can easily distinguish these new products from AEOLUS’ first and second generation products.

The “fuel” series includes three patterns, which are “Neo Fuel S”, “Neo Fuel D” and “Neo Fuel T+”. Nine products of this series are available, and another two products will be released in the near future. This series is designed for long-distance transportation on the highway and mainly focuses on reduced rolling resistance and uneven wear, offering customers improved fuel consumption and longer mileage at the same time.

The “All-Road” series includes six patterns, which are “Neo Allroads S/S+”, “Neo Allroads D/D+” and “Neo Allroads T/T+”. Two products of this series are available now and another 31 products will gradually be released in the near future. This series is intended for mid- and short-distance transportation, with wide applicability and excellent comprehensive performance under varying conditions.

Additionally the “Urban” series  includes one pattern which is the “Neo Urban G”. Three products in this portfolio will gradually be released in the near future. The products are targeted for municipal or inter-city transportation, offering safety and comfort with its lower noise and revolutionary internal structure leading to easy fitting.

Moving on, the “Winter” series includes two patterns which are “Neo Winter S” and “Neo Winter D”. One product in this range is available and another eight products will gradually be released in the near future. Intended for mid- and short-distance transportation in extreme cold and snowy conditions, the range delivers secure and lasting service due to its impressive wet and snow grip and great mileage.

Finally, we have the “construct” range which includes two patterns, namely the “Neo Construct D” and “Neo Construct G”. Eight products of this series will gradually be released in the near future. This portfolio is targeted for on/off road transportation under complex conditions, providing extra traction and handling, ensuring customers a smooth ride through extremely difficult environments.

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