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53% Drop for Commercial Vehicles in Spain for April

Commercial Vehicles Spain April

April has proved another tough month for the Spanish light commercial vehicle market with a 53% drop on the previous April, although heavy trucks and buses both recorded upswings, according to the latest la Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Automóviles y Camiones (ANFAC) figures.

Difficult Month for Commercial Vehicles but Heavy Vehicles and Buses Show Improvements

The light commercial vehicle market saw its registrations cut in half in April. 4,227 vehicles were registered in April, which pales in comparison to the 9,002 vehicles for April 2021. For the four months combined, the sector has seen a 44.6% decline with a running total of 17,515 registrations.

Industrial vehicles slightly exceeded April 2021’s levels, with 1,716 registrations against 1,658, generating a 3.5% increase. This increase is mirrored in the first four months, with 7,689 registrations improving 3% on the 7,464 vehicles registered over the first four months of 2021.

Buses did better still with 213 registrations against 118 in April 2021, amounting to an 80.5% increase. Adding to this success, the first four months have proved a fertile period for the sector. Buses recorded a 62.9% increase with 795 buses registered against 488 for the four-month period in 2021.

The Comunidad de Madrid scored first place in April for registrations, with a combined 369 total for industrial vehicles and buses, with Andalucía scoring a close second with 350 combined registrations.

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