Commercial Tyre Business can receive digital advertising copy in several ways: Email, PenDrive and via Digital Portals. The cost of additional production work is not included in the price and will be passed on to the advertiser.

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that Commercial Tyre Business receives advertising copy in good time. Advertisers will be responsible for the payment of space booked when copy is not received, even if the space is otherwise used.

Discounts are available for series bookings.

Recognised advertising agencies will be granted a discount of 15%.

Invoices are payable on publication.

Double Page Spread

Full Page

Half Page

Quarter Page


Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover










Quarter Page

Eighth Page

Buyers Guide



£200 per annum (4 issues)

Full Page

Half Page Horizontal

Half Page Vertical

Quarter Page

Eighth Page

Page Bleed Area

273 x 190mm

133 x 190mm

273 x 90mm

133 x 90mm

60 x 90mm

303 x 216mm

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