Chinese Imports to Spain Decline in February

Chinese tyre imports to Spain fall through to the end of February, though car tyres show an uptick
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Spanish tyre imports in February registered growth in consumer (+10%), but a decrease in truck (-34%) compared to 2022.

Spanish Imports of Asian Tyres Decrease Through February 2023

According to the data obtained by the National Association of Tire Distributors and Importers (ADINE) issued by the Spanish Tax Agency, reports have been verified that imports of Asian tyres in the consumer segment (car, 4×4 and van) decreased by 3.8% (despite 10 per cent growth in February) in the period January-February 2023 compared to the same period of the previous year with a total of 1,412,220 units, of which 1,152,190 units (82%) come mainly from China.

Imports of truck tyres also saw a decrease of 31.9% in this period, compared to 2022, with a total of 63,840 imported units, where only imports from Indonesia increased in this period (+ 436.4%).

Imports of agricultural tyres also saw a decrease of 25.5%, compared to the previous year in February, with a total of 29,410 imported units, of which 14,640 units (50%) came mainly from India. And finally, imports of Asian construction, mining and construction tyres also accumulated a 16% decrease between January-February, with a total of 21,320 units of which 10,240 units (48%) come from India.

Lastly, the import of Asian construction, mining and construction tyres decreased by 16.8% with 6,000 units compared to 2022, where 2,990 imported units (50%) come mainly from India and 2,070 units (35%) from China.

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