Anyline Launches Commercial Tread Scanner

Anyline's Commercial Tyre Tread Scanner cuts downtime and assists in fault recognition

A new scanning solution completes Anyline's holistic digital view of tyre health for commercial trucking and fleet operators.  

Anyline Launches Commercial Tyre Tread Scanner for Mobile Devices 

Anyline, a global leader in connecting real-world data with digital environments through mobile data capture and AI-enabled machine learning technology, today launched an industry-first Commercial Tyre Tread Scanner that can be used on any camera-enabled smartphone or mobile device. The scanning solution allows fleet operators to improve tyre performance and longevity, ensure driver safety and reduce vehicle inspection time. 

Using state-of-the-art computer vision and AI, Anyline’s Commercial Tyre Tread Scanner works by pointing the camera of any mobile device at the tyre tread to be measured and creating a digital model of the tyre.  Fleet operators, tyre technicians and drivers can now quickly and easily scan tread depth and tyre sidewall information, resulting in accurate and more consistent data. Tyre data is recorded digitally and shared across the organisation as needed. As a result, fleet companies gain instant visibility into the tyre health of each vehicle, allowing operators to connect tread health to individual VINs or license plates, which can also be recorded digitally by Anyline.  

Manually recording tyre information can be a time-consuming, tedious task, as commercial trucking operators must collect DOT, size and commercial serial numbers separately. A lack of accurate information makes tracking tyre longevity, sustainability and maintaining tyre health difficult. Poorly maintained tyres can not only cause accidents on the road and lead to expensive repairs or replacements, but also result in liability issues if they are not in compliance with government regulations.  

“Tyre tread scanning is the fastest and easiest way to monitor the health of a tyre,” said Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and co-founder, Anyline. “When fleet operators scan tyre information accurately, they have better data on tyre health, making it easier to pull a tyre for replacement or retread at the optimal time. Fleet companies can optimise the use of each tyre on their vehicles, which reduces costs, ensures vehicle uptime and enables fleet owners to better schedule maintenance.” 

Anyline’s mobile scanning solutions can be used at each step of the tyre inspection and service process and offer commercial tyre providers a wide range of modules that can be used alongside each other. These modules can be integrated as a Mobile SDK, Web SDK, or Cloud API for ease-of-use by end-customers. 

Anyline is currently accepting companies into its Commercial Tyre Tread Scanner Early Adopter Program. Ideal participants will be any organisation managing a large fleet of vehicles that require regular tyre tread monitoring.  Participating companies should have newer mobile devices and be willing to work closely with Anyline product development over a two-to-three-month period to provide feedback on performance and feature functionality. 



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