A2 Tyres Uses AES' Josam Cam-Aligner

A2 Tyres sees the benefits of the Josam Cam-aligner from AES UK

Kent-based auto services and tyre supplier A2 Tyres is using a digital wheel alignment system to rectify axle and wheel misalignment with greater speed and accuracy while reducing tyre wear, improving safety, and saving fuel. 

A2 Tyres Aligns with AES UK

Operating from four retail sites in the southeast, three for retail and vans and one for commercial vehicles, A2 Tyres switched from using a basic wheel alignment system to a Josam Cam-aligner upgrade kit, after receiving a demo from Josam’s exclusive distributor, AES UK (Automotive Equipment Supplies).

“During the demo, it was plain to see that the Cam-aligner would immediately take our service capability to a higher level” says Director, Robert Lorton. “We purchased the system in 2021 and moved from a relatively slow and less precise solution to carrying out around 20 fast and accurate checks every month - both from our workshop and in the field, using our 17-strong van fleet.”

Robert explains further that the compact digital Cam-aligner was supplied with a hydraulic ball joint splitter and trackbar hammer, making adjustments easier and quicker.  Also, magnetic wheel adapters and spider wheel adapters to cover all types of commercial vehicles and wheel types.

“All the readings and data are captured on a laptop and easy to understand,” adds Lorton. “Plus, we can produce instant reports and confirmation of any corrective action. The right tyre set-up improves fuel economy, extends tyre life and increases driving comfort and safety – benefits which are widely reported by our long-standing customers.” 

A2 Tyres also stress the importance of carrying out regular wheel checks and advise operators to guard against only attending to wheel alignment issues after a problem has been identified.

“Taking a ‘reactive’ approach will fail to prevent problems before they occur” says Lorton. “Incorrect alignment results in uneven tyre wear and once started it is virtually impossible to reverse. Therefore, we schedule regular checks, including at our customers’ premises, to help avoid premature tyre replacement, downtime and unnecessary cost.

“Overall, we have seen a vast improvement in the wheel alignment services we provide” adds Lorton. “Plus, from day one, we have had excellent service from AES, and they are always on the end of the phone to answer any queries.” 

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