Spain's Vehicle Sales Up in March

Spanish vehicle registrations up in March across the vehicle parc
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Commercial Tyre Business does not usually mention passenger car tyres or vehicle sales but Spain's registrations are noteworthy.

ANFAC Figures Show Uptick in Spanish Vehicle Sector

However, the March figures from ANFAC in Spain show an increase of 44.5% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year, with a considerable 66.1 per cent increase in March alone.

This is also reflected in LCV Sales, which showed an increase of 44.5 per cent in March, and Industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses grew by 34.6 per cent in the same month.

Almost every market sector saw an increase in sales, except for the pick-up sector. This could, in part, be due to some vehicle  manufacturers leaving that particular market.

The spread of vehicle sales across Spain was not equal, with some regions seeing a decline in the year to date, such as Andalucia, Asturia and La Rioja. Others saw steep rises in sales, such as Navarra up 95.1 per cent Castilla La Mancha – 73.9 per cent. However, closer inspection shows monthly variations for March that show monthly sales stronger in March than for the previous months, such as Madrid with a 76.9 per cent increase in March, but only a 5.8 per cent rise for the year to date.

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