ContiConnect: Venneker Trusts in Continental

Venneker Trusts in Continental

Transport company Venneker invests in vehicle technology, fleet efficiency and the sustainability of overall processes.

Venneker Puts its Trust in ContiConnect Once Again

Venneker is continuing to put money into the business, despite the challenging market situation, headlined by high energy prices, fragile supply chains and a volatile global market. Based in the town of Nordkirchen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Venneker is investing in its 250 employees, its vehicle technology, the efficiency of its fleet and the sustainability of overall processes.

The company’s fleet of 95 vehicles transports goods all over Europe for customers throughout the agricultural value chain in three sectors: livestock trade, logistics and nature. All of its trucks are equipped with the latest technology. “This puts us at the forefront of the industry,” remarks fleet manager Issam Jaber. “Our customers place their trust in our high standards and we take our share of responsibility for creating a sustainable nutrition system under the European Green Deal and the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.”

For the last two years, the technology found on board Venneker’s fleet of vehicles has been complemented by the ContiConnect digital tyre management solution. The system allows both the drivers and fleet manager Jaber to keep a close eye on the condition of the tyres at all times. Continental is a partner that does its bit to minimise carbon emissions and maximise sustainability in logistics and agriculture, just like we do,” adds Jaber.

Operational Reliability Boosts Fleet Efficiency

Venneker’s company slogan is ‘We move things’. Its vehicles are in action every day – in farmyards, on gravel roads, driving along the motorway – and represent a guarantee for smooth logistical operations. “Downtime is inconvenient,” says Jaber. ContiConnect brings about an improvement in the fleet’s operational reliability. “We used to have around one puncture per vehicle each year. With ContiConnect we don’t have any tyre breakdowns anymore,” continues Jaber.

This is reflected in the positive feedback from drivers and the company’s own workshop, stemming from increased levels of reliability on the road and the ability to schedule maintenance work and tyre changes accurately.

Sustainability Fits the Company’s Philosophy

For Issam Jaber, fleet manager at Venneker, adopting the ContiConnect digital tyre management solution has boosted the sustainability of Venneker’s fleet in many ways. “Maintaining the correct tyre pressures saves fuel and allows optimum use to be made of tyre lifespan,” points out Dushyanth Rajagopal, Product Manager Digital Solutions at Continental. “Fewer punctures, excellent reliability and predictive maintenance all serve to lower fleet costs and stabilise processes.” In short, ContiConnect saves CO2 and improves the fleet’s carbon footprint. Venneker also believes in rigorous driver training. “This means we are in close touch with our employees and can promote a material-efficient driving style,” says Issam Jaber. Alternative drive systems have also been in use at Venneker for some time now. “Our sales representatives have been driving electric vehicles this year and five of our trucks are being converted to run on hydrogen,” Jaber explains. Taking responsibility for your own actions is deeply embedded in the corporate philosophy of Venneker. “When it comes to tyres, we put our faith in Continental because we know it’s a company that lives up to its responsibility for sustainability,” concludes the fleet manager.

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