ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced: The Benefits of Digital Tyre Management in a Single Solution

ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced

ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced offers haulage companies greater fleet efficiency, reduced costs and time savings.

The New On-Site App facilitates Mobile Tyre Management directly at the Vehicle

Continental has launched an Advanced package for its recently upgraded ContiConnect 2.0 tyre management solution that will make it possible to record additional data, including tread depth and tyre condition. This marks the next step for the technology company as it progresses from pure tyre monitoring to asset management, with the integrated ContiConnect platform now detailing all data on a tyre’s condition and history within a single system.

The standard version of ContiConnect already allows for comprehensive tyre monitoring using its customisable tools. “The Advanced package now lets customers capitalise on all the benefits of tyre management,” explains Dushyanth Rajagopal, Product Manager Digital Solutions at Continental. With ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced, every tyre can be tracked individually, whether it is on the vehicle or in the warehouse. There is a digital twin of each tyre in the system, complete with article number, meaning the customer always knows which tyre is fitted on which vehicle and in which position. Pressure and temperature, tread depth and tyre condition can also be recorded and monitored. The newly developed second-generation ContiConnect sensor additionally relays information on distance travelled, allowing fleets to keep track of tyre mileage at all times. The charge level of the sensor battery is also displayed within the system.

In addition to the exact data readings, ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced users also receive alerts for tread depth and temperature, recommendations for tyre pressures, as well as reminders when vehicle inspections are due. “This paves the way for an even more efficient, straightforward, sustainable and forward-looking form of fleet management,” points out Rajagopal.

Data Straight to the Customer Smartphone

The new On-Site App brings ContiConnect 2.0 straight to the user’s smartphone and even keeps them informed of the sensor battery’s charge level. The newly developed On-Site App brings ContiConnect 2.0 straight to a customer’s smartphone. This is thanks to the new generation of sensors, with Bluetooth capability enabling direct data transfer from the sensor to the app. The task of inspecting tyres to record tread depth and tyre condition can therefore be carried out directly at the vehicle, making tyre management even simpler and more convenient. With the On-Site App, the new web portal and the Driver App, Continental has the right solution to suit every purpose and user.

Excellent Fleet Efficiency: Reduced Costs and Time Savings

“ContiConnect 2.0 Advanced offers haulage companies the advantage of greater fleet efficiency through reduced costs and time savings, as maintenance and workshop appointments can be planned in advance,” explains Rajagopal. This avoids unforeseen breakdowns and vehicle downtime. Better tyre maintenance also saves fuel and helps to keep costs and CO2 emissions down, as does the longer service life resulting from the mitigation of premature tyre changes.

Latest-generation Sensors allow all Relevant Information to be collected Directly at the Tyre

Thanks to its comprehensive consultancy approach that helps operators seek to achieve the lowest overall driving cost, Continental is able to help businesses to further reduce tyre-related operational costs. After all, tyres have a significant impact on fuel, maintenance and repair costs, which account for more than 53 percent of total fleet costs. Optimum tyre selection, data-driven servicing management and tyre checks at exactly the right time can reduce these outgoings substantially. A 24/7 breakdown service and optimisation of the customer’s ordering, administrative and invoicing processes also form part of the Continental service.

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