Spanish CV Figures for 2022 Show Overall Decline

A mixed bag of results for December with sales down for all but a few players, and an overall decline for the year

Some ups and downs in the Spanish registrations for December, but overall 2022 was a year of decline in sales, reflecting the state of the economy as Europe heads into recession

Spanish Commercial Vehicle Sales for 2022 Reflect the Economic Status

Spanish van registration figures for December 2022, released by ANFAC, showed mixed sales outcome compared to the same month in 2021.  The most notable upticks came from IVECO with a 63 per cent increase and Maxus with a jump from 9 to 54 vehicles sold, a 500 per cent increase.

On the year to year figures, only IVECO, Maxus and Isuzu have seen any increases in sales, 10 per cent, 204 per cent and 36 per cent respectively.

The light truck – under 2.8 tons showed some mixed results with FIAT selling 145 vehicles in December, against zero the previous year. Ford saw a boost of 169 per cent in sales in December, Volkswagen 45 per cent All other players were down , with the exception of Maxus. The year on year figures are largely showing a decline, with the exception of FIAT and Maxus, though the largest seller is still Mercedes.

In the 2.8 – 3.5 ton van range, only there was more of an uptick across the market for December but the year on year figures showed declines for all manufacturers save Toyota with a 1.5 per cent increase and Maxus with a 108 per cent increase.  It is of course easier to show a higher percentage increase when entering the market than when maintaining a long-standing presence.

In the same weight truck range IVECO remained the top seller with a strong performance of a 23 per cent year ly increase in sales, only bettered by Isuzu at 36 per cent, and Toyota with 200 per cent, but sales were only up from one vehicle top three for the Japanese manufacturer. Across Spain there was a year on year drop in sales in every region. A total decline for 2022 of around 21.3 per cent.

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