Marston Holdings Save with Michelin Connect Fleet

Michelin Connect Fleet keeps Marston's costs down whilst they enforce court orders

Marston Holdings is reaping the benefits of Michelin Connected Fleet’s smart data and personalised performance analysis, pointing to a year-on-year reduction in fuel consumption of 13.4 per cent across its fleet


Marston Holdings Partners with Michelin Connected Fleet


The organisation relies on Michelin Connected Fleet across its 1,400-plus vehicles, which includes 650 vans, 350 cars, 300 scooters and around 150 trucks.

Marston provides technology-driven solutions for more than 500 local authorities across the UK, as well as central government and private sector organisations, from design through to implementation.


Data collected and analysed by Michelin Connected Fleet’s team shows the company has reduced its fleet size by nine per cent during the last year through improved asset utilisation, whilst engine idling has dropped by 14 per cent and CO2 emissions have decreased by four per cent, contributing to a more sustainable business.

Lee Jackson, Marston’s Head of Fleet and Transport, says; “We’re using Michelin Connected Fleet to monitor the data from all our vehicles to make sure we get consistent information. It gives us absolute confidence in the data to assess, validate and verify our operations, directly supporting us to make decisions which help the business to become more sustainable.”


Under Marston’s ongoing EV transition programme, smart data gathered by Michelin Connected Fleet covering daily mileage, usage, range and terrain is also enabling the company to identify when it is advantageous to switch fossil fuel vehicles to fully electric, factoring in charging infrastructure, downtime, and range. As a direct result, Marston has been able to increase the size of its electric and hybrid fleet to 17% year-on-year.


Michelin Connected Fleet’s on-board telematics is also aiding the company’s risk management strategy, with detailed reporting used to modify driver behaviour and leading to fewer incidents of harsh accelerating and braking. These insights in turn help to reduce the likelihood of accidents, whilst also anticipating maintenance requirements to reduce unscheduled downtime.


Jackson adds; “Michelin Connected Fleet has been great, proving 100% reliable and giving us real-time insights about how the fleet is performing.”

Commenting on the personalised support from the Michelin Connected Fleet team, he adds; “They are forward-thinking and deliver on their promises, which is great. They really want to make a difference and properly understand our business model to assist us in the best way.”


Michelin Connected Fleet collects vital data through a range of on-board telematics systems to give fleet managers a real-time view, as well as a detailed report, of their goods and the assets making up their fleet. Those tools and services help to optimise fleet utilisation, which in turn reduces operating costs, whilst bolstering road safety by providing valuable feedback on driving behaviours.


Gilson Santiago, CEO of Michelin Connected Fleet, says; “This partnership highlights how we can use the power of our fleet management tools and services to help customers future-proof their operations, and make every single vehicle work more efficiently, and to become a more sustainable business.”


Marston Holdings began enforcing court orders almost 40 years ago. Its 5,000 staff and contractors work across 170 offices and 23 car pounds, helping to collect £850m a year on behalf of UK taxpayers and businesses.


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