German Truck Sales Show Small Increase

November uptick is not enough to bolster year to date sales in Germany

An uptick in German truck sales for November failed to counter the year-to-date lacklustre figures

German Truck Sales Up in November

German truck sales figures for November from the VDA showed an overall increase on the previous year of around 14 per cent, a total of 32,479 new registrations. However, year on year to date, the total sales were down by 13 per cent.

The only sector showing a marginal increase was the year-to-date over 16-ton truck registrations, which were up by just one per cent.

Small trucks under 2 tons showed the most noticeable drop, whilst buses also showed a large 24 per cent dive in registrations.

Both exports and production of trucks up to 6 tons both showed an 8 – 9 per cent drop.

It was noticeable that Semi-trailers were performing well with a 20 per cent monthly increase on the previous year, upholding a year-to-date increase of 24 per cent.

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