Agricultural Tyres: Allen Gives Update on Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Richard Allen talks about agriculttural Trelleborg tyres with Commercial Tyre Business

Commercial Tyre Business talks about agricultural tyres with Richard Allen from Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Commercial Tyre Business Feature of the year: Agricultural Tyres

Asked how Trelleborg Wheel Systems performed in 2022 in the agricultural sector, Richard Allen, Sales Director - Replacement UK & ROI, responded; “leading global expert of tyres, wheel systems and services, Trelleborg Wheel Systems runs regional and country businesses in the Agriculture sector with a differentiated multi-brand offer including Trelleborg, Mitas, Maximo, Cultor and Interfit - combining as a global service network to meet customers’ needs for any application.

"Given the well-documented challenges across the industry in 2022, all brands performed very well within the UK Original Equipment (OE) and Replacement sales channels in the UK.

“Our current 2023 forecast is for a very similar sales performance across all brands for the UK – covering both OE and Replacement markets.”

Commercial Tyre Business asked Allen how the dramatic change in climate conditions impacted agricultural tyre sales. We are now seeing Northern European countries experiencing the extremes of heat typically associated with Mediterranean countries. How is Trelleborg Wheel Systems supporting its clients at this time of change?

“Climatic conditions have numerous effects within the farming and agricultural community,” says Allen. "The relatively hot temperatures throughout 2022 hastened and brought forward the harvesting timeframes, which led to an increased focus window for the promotion of replacement tyres. New tyres were not necessarily contemplated during this period. Existing tyres – which did not require the same grip and were highly susceptible to stubble damage during the drought - were allowed to run on.

“Through our global position, our teams of tyre specialists are present at local level to suggest to our customers the best tyre solution for any needs and any applications - wherever they are - from our portfolio: 

These include high-performance tyre and wheel solutions via the Trelleborg brand, through to value-added, smart tyres via the Mitas brand – all helping to support and respond to the everyday challenges of the farming world. 

“The Trelleborg Wheel Systems service and solution-led proposition offer the farming community the opportunity to utilise our tyre optimisation services (which include a site visit to weigh various machinery, and to assess the general conditions/environment, and to suggest the most optimal tyre pressure set up both for in-field and road applications), as well as recognising the needs of the end users across all seasons. 

“We continue to add value to these conversations through a consultative approach to replacement tyres, with the primary aim of maximising performance and cost efficiencies for our customers.”

“Our tyre portfolio is diverse and emanates from a wide-ranging Technology and Innovation strategy. Changing and evolving weather conditions are a critical consideration within this strategy and continue to impact tyre supply and demand forecasting significantly. New technologies are constantly being developed and implemented with Hot Weather Compounds in the EU Region.”

In light of these changes in the climate conditions, is Trelleborg Wheel Systems offering a more comprehensive range of training and support to give farmers and contractors more ability to manage their tyres in hotter weather?

Allen responds; “Optimising tyre management in varying climates is just one consideration of the many topics which Trelleborg Wheel Systems constantly discuss and share with the farming community. In addition, training and advice are given as an added-value element of our route to market.  Other factors discussed include Total Cost of Ownership, Soil Health, and Fuel Efficiency.” 

Asked about the future trends expected in 2023, Allen replied; “Trelleborg Wheel Systems continue to offer a complete tyre and wheel service, covering Original Equipment and Replacement needs, with our channels to market encompassing tyre dealers, tractor dealers and farmers.

“Our approach is one of continuous improvement – improvement across our products, people, processes and procedures and our offering to all of our markets and customers.

“As tyre experts, innovation and sustainability have been important pillars for our strategy for many years. We’re still committed to this for the future with continuous effort and investment in research and innovation across our product portfolio. From the adoption of circular and natural materials through to advanced tyre technology aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of operations whilst improving productivity across our processes in our manufacturing plants, and finally adopting even more renewable energy sources to attain a 50% CO2 reduction by 2025, sustainability is top of mind.”

With all these points in mind, Commercial Tyre Business asked Allen if any new product launches were planned for the agricultural industry this year?

“There are several new products, patterns and size launches and introductions planned for 2023,“ said Allen. “In line with our approach of producing more using fewer resources and reducing our impact, we will continue to innovate, enhance and improve our product and service offering across all product brands whilst enhancing sustainability at all opportunities.

“An example of this would be the Q1 2023 launch of the Mitas VF Agriterra tyre, offering increased payload potential and reduced soil compaction.

The new Agriterra offers the following features and benefits:

  • High load capacity due to the high volume of the tyre

  • Construction with a hexa-bead core for outstanding fit, even at low air pressures

  • Steel belt under the tread for high-speed capability and long lifetime

  • Reduced noise emission and vibration due to innovative tread design

  • Excellent cost efficiency due to low rolling resistance and high load capacity

  • Agriterra tyres are suitable for a wide range of applications such as trailers, loading and transport vehicles, spreaders and slurry tankers

"Trelleborg Wheel Systems has also recently introduced the new VF HF1000 range – initially available in VF750/60R30.5 187D and VF800/60R32 191D - increasing the load capacity of the big forage wagons and slurry tankers whilst protecting the environment."

Energy prices and fuel prices are impacting companies everywhere. However, farmers are particularly affected on the frontline by having to deal with these price pressures but are being pushed by supermarkets and wholesalers to sell at the lowest price. So, what is Trelleborg Wheel Systems doing as a tyre manufacturer to support farmers without being immune to these pressures?

“By activating alternative suppliers and minimising raw material cost impacts, Trelleborg Wheel Systems will continue to shelter and protect, as much as possible, our customers – whilst emphasising that the full product portfolio offers long-term measurable, measurable, sustainable benefits such as significant working time and fuel savings.  We recognise the current challenges, and our flexible organisational model allows us to respond quickly and effectively, always acting on behalf of our end users and customers.”

With the sale of Trelleborg Wheel Systems underway and moving ahead, is there a strategic update as to how Trelleborg onOHT brands will work and complement each other? 

“The acquisition of Trelleborg Wheel Systems will enable Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd. to consolidate its leading position among tyre producers in the world, becoming a global leader in the off-highway segment, covering different market needs in the Agricultural, Construction, Material Handling, Mining and Two-wheeler markets with the addition of Trelleborg, Mitas, Maximo, Cultor and Interfit brands to its portfolio. Trelleborg Wheel Systems will operate as a separate, autonomous company within the Yokohama Group. However, the anti-trust authorities must approve the acquisition, and we cannot disclose any information at this stage.”







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