GRI Expands Agriculture & Construction Tyre Ranges with Eight New Sizes

GRI Eight New Sizes

GRI expanded its agriculture and construction tyre portfolio with the addition of eight new sizes to its existing range.

The GREEN XLR EARTH 70, GREEN XLR 85 & GREEN XLR 70 Tractor Radial and XPT+ Skid SteerConstruction Range have been Enhanced 

With the expansion of its product offer, GRI intends to provide customers with greater options and more efficient tyre solutions, while strengthening its position as a leading provider of specialty tyres globally.

One of the most notable additions to the portfolio is the GREEN XLR EARTH 70, which is now available in the 480/70R34 size with a 149A8/B load index. This radial agriculture tyre is made with 37.5% sustainable material, providing an eco-friendly solution for farmers and construction workers. Its use of high-dispersible silica in the tread compound also provides longer tyre life and lowers rolling resistance, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The tyre's wide footprint and rounded tread lugs minimise soil damage and compaction, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The GREEN XLR 85 series, made with stubble compound, is now available in five new sizes: 520/85R42, 520/85R46, 480/80R46, 480/80R50 & 480/80R50. With an optimum 45-degree lug angle, this radial agriculture tyre provides traction for on-road and off-road applications and increases productivity during long working hours. The new tie bar design also prevents centre lug cracks under high loads.

The GREEN XLR 70, specialised for both on and off-road use, is now available in the 480/70R34 size with a 155D load index. Its flexible sidewall provides higher rider comfort, less fatigue and minimum soil compaction in the field. The reinforced tread buttress maximises tread depth, providing more support at the base for heavy-duty applications such as soil preparation and road transport.

The XPT+ Skid Steer Construction range has added one new size, 31x15.5-15 with 10PR, to its line-up, making it more versatile for different types of machinery. Its three-step lug design provides higher lug stability, strength, and traction, while the self-cleaning terrace keeps the tyre clean and the machine energy efficient in all working conditions. The reinforced sidewall with high-ply construction also improves side impact protection.

"We are excited to add eight new sizes to our agriculture and construction tyre ranges, providing our customers with more options to choose from," said Dr Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI. "At GRI, we are committed to providing eco-friendly tyre solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs for our customers. These new tyre sizes are a testament to our continued dedication to innovation and excellence."


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