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Continental and VanContact Ultra Series Ready to Tackle Growing Last Mile Delivery Segment

Continental VanContact Ultra Series

The launch of the Continental Generation 5 range of truck tyres, the Conti Hybrid HS5 and Conti Hybrid HD5 for steer and drive axles, saw the tyre manufacturer also take the opportunity to push to the forefront their VanContact Ultra and A/S products as part of their overall commercial mobility offerings.

Ralf Benak and Enno Straten See Opportunities in Growing Van Sector

As a reminder, the VanContact Ultra product had been intended for users and fleets looking for a summer tyre that offers enhanced rolling resistance thanks to a tailor-made van compound, great mileage due to its advanced pattern design. and strong sidewall robustness. The tyre is available in rim sizes 15” to 17” and has a speed index rating of R-H.

Additionally, the VanContact A/S Ultra, as the name suggests, was designed for users looking for an all-season product. Its superb rolling resistance and mileage is delivered by Continental’s latest van compound and pattern technology, which also helps the tyre to perform well in snowy conditions. The tyre is also available in rim sizes 15” to 17” and has a speed index rating of Q-H. During the event, the company suggested that the mileage improved on internal benchmarks significantly, whilst also having a small price increase from its predecessor of about 3%.

Ralf Benak, Head of Fleet Solutions EMEA for Continental, underlined the lengths to which the manufacturer’s product developers went through to create the product. “We had an incubator where our development team from the tyre, automotive and product management departments came together and brought different skills before coming up with some great concepts.”

Benak went on to explain that this product had been developed as the manufacturer “hadn’t previously had a tyre for this segment”, and this product was an effort to continue to provide solutions for their fleet customers that don’t just operate thousands of trucks, but vans as well. “The VanContact Ultra line has been developed as we didn’t have a tyre for this segment. Previously we had a great tyre for motorhomes but not for vans or last mile delivery, which is why the enhanced sidewall has really come to the forefront in this product.

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