Michelin Gains Transportes Sul do Tejo Contract

Transportes Sul do Tejo has placed its trust in Michelin to  manage the tyres of its fleet

For Transportes Sul do Tejo, the tyres of its fleet have always been a priority factor in the search for and implementation of solutions that guarantee the mobility of the population through passenger transport services in a safe, economic and environmentally sustainable way.

Transportes Sul do Tejo Relies on Michelin

For this reason, Transportes Sul do Tejo based in Rua Marcos, Portugal, has placed its trust in Michelin to maintain and comprehensively manage the tyres of its fleet, which will be carried out through the Effitire solution.

Transportes Sul do Tejo currently has a fleet of 364 vehicles and provides service to its customers through three operating units, Laranjeiro, Almada and Sesimbra, operating 149 public and passenger service lines and a Commercial Service area. Michelin, a leader in mobility, manufactures tyres that guarantee performance from the first to the last kilometre. In recent years, it has reinforced its experience in fleet management with the integration of digital tools that play a decisive role in reducing both fuel and tyre consumption.

As part of this agreement, the new range of MICHELIN X Incity bus tyres will play a decisive role for Transportes Sul do Tajo in offering its passengers safer and more ecological transport. MICHELIN X Incity has innovative technologies that increase grip and optimise the cost per kilometre, thanks to its low rolling resistance, the greater resistance offered by its reinforced sidewalls and its low carbon footprint.

At the same time, Michelin's Effitires solution will allow Transportes Sul do Tejo to have total visibility of the condition of the tyres of each of the vehicles in its fleet and to track the operations carried out. The use of the MICHELIN REMIX range of tyres and regrooving operations also play an important role in achieving more sustainable transport, both in terms of reducing the consumption of raw materials and fuel, associated with less resistance to the tread of regrooved tyres.

The agreement with Transportes Sul do Tejo is in line with the objectives of Michelin, which for more than 130 years has been promoting connected and innovative solutions for safer and more sustainable mobility.

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