Magna Spotting in Italy

Magna tyres on the Italian railway network

Manufacturers like to see their tyres being used, and sometimes they turn up unexpectedly, as they did with these Magna tyres in Italy

Magna Tyres Spotted on Italian Railways

Those of us in the tyre business can sometimes be a little odd in what we find interesting. Mention tyres to the average person, and their eyes go blank. For many of us in the industry, we spot things like what brands are being used, the mix of tyres on a truck, whether they are retreads or new, single course or just whatever came to hand.

One Magna employee took the “spotter” experience a step further; whilst on holiday in Italy, he spotted a Colmar T11.000 railway excavator. As we all have a natural interest in vehicles that could run on specific products, the colleague saw this particular Colmar in the distance and decided to take a closer look. He was pleasantly surprised to see the railway excavator running on Magna 9.00R20 MR800+ tyres.

Unfortunately, Magna does not have any further information regarding this specific set of Magna MR800+ tyres in size 9.00R25, but they are proud to say that the tyres are being put to work well.

The Magna MR800+ tyre is designed for optimum performance and traction. The special tread compound is developed to provide stability while also protecting the tyre against rapid wear in demanding conditions. The high-tech casing reduces heat build-up and thus allows for longer operating hours.

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