Bridgestone VX for Borell-Diehl Winery

Bridgestone VX Tractor tyres prove their worth at Borell-Diehl winery

Georg Diehl, oenologist and manager of the Borell-Diehl winery, relies on the Bridgestone VX tractor and appreciates the associated driving experience

Bridgestone VX Ideal for Wineries

"Driver comfort, mileage and load capacity are important factors that the Bridgestone VX tractor brings,” says Georg Diehl, oenologist and manager of the Borell-Diehl winery.

The Borell-Diehl winery is in its third generation of conventional viticulture. From primary production to marketing, the family business from the Palatinate takes over all production steps. It produces around 350,000 bottles of white and red wine, sparkling wine, distillates, and gin annually. It is harvested both by harvester and by hand. As a reliable support in viticulture, Bridgestone premium tyres are used and withstand different challenges on an area of ​​33 hectares. Georg Diehl, manager of the Borell-Diehl winery and honoured as one of the best young winegrowers in the Palatinate, describes the unique features and performance requirements that the Bridgestone tyres encounter.

"Our Fendt Vario 210 tractors are exposed to different conditions on 150 plots - from loess and limestone soils to sandstone and slate soils," explains Georg Diehl and adds: "In addition to optimum traction on different surfaces, the tyres should also have a high driving comfort, safety and load-bearing capacity.” For most of the machines, the Borell-Diehl winery opted for the Bridgestone premium VX-Tractor tyres, which ensure stability and a smooth driving experience in the field and when driving on the road.

With a running time of 500 hours per machine per year, the Bridgestone VX tractor tyres also impress with their enduring mileage.

Increased Productivity in the Field and on the Road

The Bridgestone VX tractor offers maximum stability and excellent lifting capacity for heavy loads. Even with standard air pressure, the tyres can withstand heavy loads thanks to the durable XL carcass. "This Bridgestone casing was developed to carry higher loads with tyre pressures of up to 2.4 bar," says Christoph Frost, Director of Commercial Products Bridgestone Central Europe. Characteristics that are particularly noticeable at the Borell-Diehl winery and prove themselves in operation. "Since we switched our machines to Bridgestone tractor tyres, we have noticed better traction, a certain level of smoothness and a higher load-bearing capacity," says Georg Diehl. "I recommend the Bridgestone VX tractor tyres."

The unique advantages of the tyres are due to the special tyre design that Bridgestone developed specifically for the VX tractor. The patented lug tech contributes to the wider contact area of ​​the tyres, maximising traction, and minimising energy loss. At the same time, productivity is increased across a wide range of off-road, in the field and on the road. Georg Diehl sums up the Bridgestone tyres: "I am satisfied with the superior traction on the field, the driving comfort and the good self-cleaning."

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