New Green Tyre from GRI

GRI continues its green agenda with another new green tyre

GRI has launched its GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ radial agriculture tyre at the SIMA 2022 exhibition in Paris, France, in line with its agenda to drive sustainability lead innovation in specialty agriculture tyres. Incorporating an innovative tread design that creates a Virtual Rib, the GREEN XLR EARTH 65+subscribes to the GREEN XLR EARTH Series, which is developed to protect and nurture the earth.


It is produced with 37.5% sustainable materials while delivering on superior functional properties to drive high performance and productivity for tractors across global markets. The distinguishing feature of the Virtual Rib sets the GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ apart from other 65 series radial agriculture tyres. It provides enhanced driving comfort both on, as well as off-road and improves steering precision and guidance for tractors at higher speeds. More importantly, the innovative curve of the lug angle at the centre has been designed for improved fuel efficiency and greater off-road traction to enhance tyre life span.

Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director of GRI said; “The ambition to innovate aggressively in the space of sustainability-led specialty tyres continues to grow within GRI, owing to its significant positive impact on the environment, the farming community and society at large. The feedback received so far by farmers who are currently testing the tyres in the field has further encouraged us to continue this trend of innovation. More and more, the future of specialty tyres will depend on the incorporation of earth-friendly value propositions to help reduce the carbon footprint further. We are happy to have already begun this journey well ahead of the game.”

Dr.Mahesha Ranasoma, Chief Executive Officer of GRI said, “The innovative tread design of the GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ is borne out of extensive R&D and the virtual rib created as a result, is proving extremely beneficial in tests relating to performance and comfort for tractors used on farms. More importantly, it protects not just the soil, but also the future of generations to come. We are proud to be leading this mission in producing one of the world’s first and most earth-friendly agriculture tyres, and we look forward to continuing to sustain this momentum we have created.”

Like the GREEN XLR EARTH Series, which was introduced earlier at the Farm ProgressShow in Iowa, United States in August 2022, the GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ also includes bio-sourced, sustainable, and recycled materials. This tyre, which is also of the earthy green colour, is built with pure natural rubber, highly dispersible silica, recycled carbon black, and reclaimed rubber from used tyres. Natural soybean oil, which is a sustainable material, has also been used instead of petroleum-based oil, and the carbon footprint has been reduced as it is produced using bio-sourced and recycled materials.

The GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ was introduced at SIMA in Paris, November 6-10,2022, and will be commercially ready for launch in early 2023. 

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