Nokian Tyres Releases All-Weather, All-Position Coach Tyre for Bus Fleets


The Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach is an all-season coach tyre, suitable for every axle position in main road use – steering axle, drive axle as well as bogie axles. 

New Nokian Tyre Combines Safety, Comfortability and Economy 

Suitable in Winter conditions, the Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach fulfils a broader need from bus fleets, which will be available, as will the Noktop retread option from June 2022.

“Comprehensive offering is a part of our good service”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “In Central Europe, there is a demand among bus fleets for a coach tyre suitable for every axle position, so we made one.”

“Climate change increases the extreme weather conditions and brings a lot of uncertainty for predicting the weather”, Teppo Siltanen adds. “The Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach tyre has advanced siping that enables a safe and confident grip on dry, wet or snowy roads.”

In terms of comfortability, the tyre has reduced noise, making for a smooth ride, which works with increasingly stricter legislation governing tyre noise.

Siltanen also adds that economical tyre management for bus fleets is a prerequisite. “The entire Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck tyre range features a very even wear pattern that makes sure the tyre properties remain good throughout the tyre service life.” He adds, that “the wearing is very slow, and the special Rock Resistor grooves of the Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Steer and Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach reduce the likelihood of premature tyre damage by stone trapping.”

As the Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach tyre is available as a Noktop retread, Siltanen comments that “the sturdy tyre carcass is very suitable to be used in a second round,” which makes the tyre an economic, sustainable option. He adds, “The Nokian Tyres Noktop Hakka Coach retread has essentially the same properties as the Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach tyre.”

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