Mitas Returns as Official Mitas Eurocup Series 2022 Sponsor


Mitas will be the official sponsor of the Mitas Eurocup Series 2022 tractor pulling series, organised by the European Tractor Pulling Committee (ETPC). This season has a total of nine outdoor competitions to be held in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, with the next event in Lidköping, Sweden on 20th May 2022.

Eurocup Series to Test Strength of High-Power Tractors

During these events, specially modified high-power tractors compete to pull a heavy load known as a “sled” over a given distance. The weight of the sled increases with the distance travelled. There are multiple categories depending on the weight and the degree of modification of the competition machines.

Emil Houška, Communications & Brand Senior Manager for Mitas, explains: “Tractor pulling is really popular in America and Western Europe. The sport offers an attractive show with powerful machines competing hard against each other. Mitas, as a specialist in agricultural tractor tyres, has been a partner of the Eurocup since 2014, one of the most important tractor pulling series in Europe.

“We are really glad to be able to continue sponsoring tractor pulling events with ETPC in 2022. These events are a tradition for us and give us the chance to get closer to our farmers, the ones competing and the ones enjoying the event. We cannot wait to meet everyone again and experience the unique competition atmosphere.”

Mitas contributes to the fun with its PowerPull 01 tyres, capable of transferring the enormous power developed by the competition machines. The tyres are manufactured as slicks, allowing the different teams to carve their tread patterns into the tyre. This year, Mitas has launched a new size of this competition tyre, the 24.5-32, one of the most common tyres on the start line, which is in addition to the 30.5L-32 PowerPull 01 launched in 2016.

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