Michelin Remains Supplier of Choice for Ensignbus


Ensignbus is committing to another five years of the supply, fitting and management of Michelin tyres with a new Effitires contract.

Level of Service Strong Reason for Ensignbus Staying with Michelin

The deal will see Michelin supply, fit and manage the tyres across the public transport operator’s 70-strong fleet. Ensignbus has been running a strict Michelin policy for many years, citing the level of service it receives and the high quality of the product as the main reasons for its decision.

Citing the level of service as a factor for why Ensignbus will continuing using Michelin for its 70-strong fleet, Ross Newman, Operations Director at Ensignbus, commented: “We have been with Michelin for more than 20 years now and have no reason or desire to look anywhere else". He added, "As a public transport operator, it’s imperative we have a tyre that we can rely on. The Michelin brand gives you that level of confidence that we’re running a high-quality, durable product – one that won’t let us or our customers down.

“The relationship we have built with the team at Michelin is excellent. They have a hands-on approach that marries perfectly with our business.”

Michelin will fit both new and Remix urban bus tyres, predominantly from the Michelin X InCity range, on the Ensignbus vehicles. The X InCity features reinforced sidewalls to protect against kerbing and accidental damage, which helps reduce wheel interventions and downtime.

As part of the Effitires contract, Michelin’s on-site technician will manage the tyres through a multi-life policy – regrooving worn tyres on-site once the tread depth reaches 3-4mm, helping to extend each tyre’s life in its most fuel-efficient state. Once the regrooved tyres have worn, they will be retreaded at the Michelin Remix plant in Stoke – saving natural resources and doubling the Michelin casing lifespan.

As well as running 13 separate routes within the borough of Thurrock, Ensignbus is also a respected bus dealer – supplying new and second-hand vehicles to many of the UK’s largest bus and coach operators.

“A lot of the second-hand vehicles we buy come in on Michelins,” adds Newman. “Our contract allows us the facility to return them to Stoke for retreading and for those tyres to be fitted back onto our own main fleet of operational vehicles if we need to. It is a very sensible and flexible relationship that allows us to make the most of every tyre we have.”

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