Continental’s Second-Generation VDO Workshop for Tachograph Maintenance Now Live


Continental’s new tablet offers reliable service planning for truck workshops allowing for routine inspections. The VDO WorkshopTab 2 now boasts updated software, increased battery life and improved display and maintenance components. 

VDO WorkshopTab 2 Suitable for Germany Road Traffic Licensing

Continental’s Workshop Tablet has been updated with new software and improved handling. To prepare for the mandatory implementation of second-version tachographs the VDO WorkshopTab 2 offers comprehensive inspection and legally compliant calibration following Section 57b of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations.

The software still uses the wizard guide and the availability of the WorkshopTab, however, “This new generation will continue the success story of the WorkshopTab as an indispensable aid for efficient and reliable testing in line with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations,” confirms Marcello Lucarelli, Head of Connected Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Continental. “It will make inspections simpler, more reliable and easier to plan. In short, our customers will be ready for the future.”

The new VDO WorkshopTab 2 reliably guides the user through all of the inspection and maintenance routines for digital tachographs. In terms of calibration, the satellite signal now determines the exact location of a vehicle and the measurement of the vehicle characteristic.

A hard rubber edge across the tablet provides a solid non-slip grip. A new touch sensor in the device increases the responsiveness and sensitivity of the touchscreen, making work easier for workers with dirty hands. The card reader of the WorkshopTab 2 is also new. Workshop cards can now be inserted deeper into the slot and pulled out easily. If, however, the card slot happens to be damaged, replacement is simple because it is now a separate component.

The WorkshopTab 2 offers better performance thanks to a new operating system: Windows Embedded 10 Enterprise. There is also a faster Intel Pentium microprocessor and increased battery capacity. Even when working at full load, the tablet can be used for up to 5.5 hours. 

The user interface and menu navigation remain unchanged due to the upgrades for the first generation. “The WorkshopTab 2 ensures continuity in inspection work, and at the same time, it’s ready for the future,” says Jan Engesser, product manager for the WorkshopTab. “It can be better integrated into IT architectures and can meet future requirements for digital tachographs.”

Replacing a WorkshopTab with a WorkshopTab 2 is very simple. Licenses and stored data can easily be transferred to the new device. As for other hardware, all accessories of the WorkshopTab can be used with its successor, with the exception of the docking station. Service contracts between licensed workshops and their partner dealers can also be transferred. “With this change in generations we’ve also put a strong emphasis on continuity in our customers’ processes,” says Jan Engesser. “Workshop customers and fleet customers can carry out the important Section 57b test without trouble. What’s more, the WorkshopTab 2 is more advanced, faster and easier to use.”

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