Yokohama Off-Highway Tires Hosts Virtual Press Conference on “Tyre Technology that Pays Off”


 In a virtual press conference, held the day before Yokohama’s major announcement regarding the purchase of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, Yokohama confirmed how its technology is yielding dividends for farmers in the UK and Ireland.

Farmers Still Not Completely Aware of Benefits of VF Technology Argues YOHT

Kicking off the conference, YOHT’s UK and Ireland manager, Andrew Musgrave began by going into detail about YOHT is striving to offer customers the highest quality tyres and become the most customer-centric tyre company in the world. Likewise, in terms of professional development, YOHT is looking to become a top 3 player in the global ‘Off-Highway’ tyre segment. This goal is being helped in part by its Alliance 590 Heavy Duty Radial Flotation tyre, to suit the needs of agricultural and construction applications. The tyre offers heavy loads at low pressures to reduce on soil compaction, a common prerequisite for agricultural end-users.

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires recently announced 12 additional sizes for the AGRI STAR II 70, 80 and 90-95 range, in line with the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. Emphasing its stratified layer technology which ensures a higher lug competency, the first layer has a multi-angle profile, followed by the second with the single angle profile delivering a high level of traction on and off the road. On top of this, the VF technology helps reduces inflation to 1.0 bar, as opposed to 1.3 bar for IF (Improved Flexion) tyres.

Ole Baek, Regional Head Northern Europe & France at Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) added, “Recent customer feedback on the Alliance Agri Star II gives convincing evidencethat performance, prolonged traction and appearance of this unique tyre more than fulfil expectations of users in various markets. That is why we are particularly happy to further extend this much sought-after pattern with 12 additional sizes.”

Strong Performance in Tests Underline Product Value Offer

In 2021, YOHT undertook a tyre field test – “SEGES Innovation”, based in Denmark NDI (Nordisk Dæk Import) and Bjolderupgaard Maskinstation for the Agriflex+372 VF tyres. The study involved ploughing 4 plots with VF tyres as opposed to standard tyres on very dry soil with a Fendt 939 tractor plus, followed by a Samson PG27 slurry trailer when liquid manure was added for the second test.

There was reduced track depth, less wheel slippage, improved soil protection, helping to ensure roots weren’t being crushed, and better usage of nutrients and water overall. When the test was completed, the total increase in yield with the VF tyres was measured between 1.5-2.2% per hectare against conventional tyres, making for cost savings every hectare. These higher yields translate to a calculated profit gain of between 21.8 and 32 Euros per hectare, representing huge savings for farmers and contractors operating over large spaces.

As well as this case study, the Alliance’s steel-belted construction and stubble guard compound are part of the extended benefits, which Musgrave explained is why YOHT is happy to offer a 10-year warranty, which is amongst the highest warranties in the OTR sector.

Influencer Marketing and LAMMA Part of YOHT’s Strategy Going Forward

Oscar Kelly, Marketing Executive of Kirkby Tyres, exclusive partner of YOHT’s Alliance brand in the UK and Ireland also explained the manufacturer’s strategy of engaging with YouTubers for the farming communities in the UK and Ireland. Adrian Morris of iFarmWeFarm, based in Ireland Wales and Tom Pemberton of Farm Land, based in England all test, demonstrate and rate the tyres for their subscribers, over different terrains and different OTR applications, to help keep farmers on the go in the know when it comes to YOHT’s range of products.

Ole Baek, Regional Head Northern Europe & France at Yokohama Off-Highway Tires also mentioned during the conference that although VF tyres are growing within the industry, not all farmers know about the benefits of its VF and flotation tyres. So, they look instead to other cost savings and farming initiatives but don’t focus on the most practical tyre for daily operations. With that in mind, YOHT believes that it’s important to fully extend the message of what it is offering to the market.

For that reason, LAMMA 2022 looks set to be a major opportunity for the UK and Irish markets. The tyres on show will be the Alliance 585, 590, 372 AGRIFLEX+, 389 AGRIFLEX+, and the Agri Star II. This is historically a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers in the UK and Ireland and with LAMMA 2022 being the fortieth edition and the first since the pandemic, YOHT is ready to demonstrate its technological developments and proven results that make its tyres a driving force into the OTR sector.

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