TireTech Network: Continental Establishes Dealer Network for the Agricultural Tyre Business


For part 13 of our Agricultural Tyre Feature, Commercial Tyre Business is looking to Continental's newly-started TireTech Network. The objective of the TireTech Network, which is based in Germany, is to strengthen its cooperation with specialist dealers while also offering advice for dealers on products, including agricultural tyres.

Reifen-Center Kretschmer, Based in Saxony the First Company on Board for the Newly-Established Network

With the start of 2022, Continental has launched its TireTech Network to expand its cooperation with its dealers for the agricultural tyre business. With the TireTech Network, as well as maintaining closer contact with its dealers, Continental will also be on hand to offer advice regarding its products and increase its visibility in the sector. Continental is also offering dealers product training and informative leaflets for their showrooms.

With Reifen-Center Kretschmer the first to join the programme, its Managing Director at the tyre centre, Frank Kretschmer, said, "We are happy about the partnership cooperation as it will help us respond to customer requirements in a more targeted manner in the future.”

Continental has opened up the network nationwide for Germany, with plans to roll out the programme internationally, having already launched two European pilot markets beforehand. This, Continental says, is a way of showcasing its ambition to grow in the agricultural business as part of its 'Vision 2030' strategy. It also helps equip dealers with the best information possible about Continental's tyres and agricultural products from the source itself for the agricultural end-users

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