Rivian Opts for Continental Tyres for Its Fully Electric Rivian Prime Van Ex Works


The VanContact A/S van tyre developed by Continental now has a new tread compound suitable for high-mileage and in snowy conditions.

VanContact A/S Offers Traction Performance on Wet Roads and Excellent Braking and Aquaplaning

Rivian, the electric vehicle manufacturer focused on the North American market, is opting for Continental’s VanContact A/S all-season LT245/70 R17 119/116 Q tyres, which have been approved for its RPV 500 and 700 delivery vans.

Meeting Rivian’s requirements, the tyres have mileage, low rolling resistance, and a high load capacity for battery-powered delivery vans (an important requirement as the batteries increase the overall weight of the vehicles).

The tread design of the VanContact A/S features a large number of sipes, broad lateral grooves as well as wide longitudinal grooves in the shoulder, this makes for better water distribution and removal. This, in turn, ensures better braking, aquaplaning and traction performance on wet roads. Additional snow traction ripples in the shoulder, which interlock into the surface of the snow, help make for a safer ride during winter as well, which is also aided by the optimised tread compound.

Block-to-block connections over the entire tread pattern result in high stiffness so that the tyre has a good steering response and, therefore, excellent handling.

For vans in Europe, the all-season tyre VanContact A/S Ultra is a popular option as it has hile mileage and performs well in snowy conditions.

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