Michelin Tyres Make the Difference for Chiltern Distribution


Michelin X Line Energy and Michelin X Multi Energy tyres will help Chiltern Distribution save on fuel costs per vehicle per year in a continuing partnership for the long-standing Michelin customer.

Chiltern Distribution Specify Michelin Energy, Low Rolling Resistance Tyre Range Across 19 New Trucks

By opting for low rolling resistance tyres, Peterborough-based Chiltern Distribution is noticing significant fuel savings. The company optimised every part of the vehicles’ specification before placing the orders, split between Volvo and Scania.

This included selecting 315/70 R22.5 Michelin X Line Energy Z2 and D2 tyres for the Volvo FH 460 with I-Save tractor units and Michelin X Multi Energy Z and D fitments for the Scania S 500 tractor units – which has helped lower each truck’s VECTO score.

Brian Sagaseta, Managing Director of Chiltern Distribution, says: “Michelin has always been our go-to product, driven by serviceability, longevity and reliability. More recently, by selecting the latest generations of fuel-saving tyres, we’re also getting great efficiency and miles per gallon.”

Adding that it’s important to “unlock a vehicle’s maximum fuel potential” through the correct tyre, he commented, “As our data has proven, our tyre choice is saving us money and lowering our CO2 emissions. It’s a win-win situation.”

Both the Energy Z2 and D2 tyres are A-rated for fuel efficiency – making them the most fuel-efficient Michelin truck tyres on the market. Suitable for long distances at high speeds, the silica used in the tread rubber is the key to pushing the rolling resistance limit without compromising on the longevity of the tyre.

Michelin’s X Multi Energy tyres are B-rated for fuel efficiency, helping improve the environmental impact of regional operations. With the X Multi Range accidental tyre damage guarantee, this free option ensures the tyre is protected in the event of accidental damage before each tyre is 50 per cent worn.

Sagaseta adds: “Both Michelin fuel-saving ranges are delivering for us on all counts – and that’s increasingly important given the rising cost of diesel and our focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.”

Comparing the new X Line Energy-shod Volvos with the older models they replaced, which ran on standard regional tyres, Sagaseta has identified a difference in fuel performance of around 1.85mpg. For a single vehicle averaging 140,000km per year - a saving of between 7,000 to 7,200 litres of fuel.

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