DTM Appoints New Managing Director


Leigh Goodland has been appointed as Direct Tyre Management’s (DTM) Managing Director.

Goodland Brings Extensive Experience in Commercial Transport, Logistics and Vehicle Fleets to New Role

Goodland said of his new position, “I’m delighted to be appointed as DTM’s Managing Director. It’s a great business, with exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable people employing cutting edge tyre technology across a broad range of transport and vehicle fleet sectors.”

Goodland explained of DTM’s strategy, “Part of our strategy is to reduce the number of tyres used, through proactive maintenance and real-time tyre technology It is aimed at making our customers more efficient, safer and compliant while helping to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicle operations.”

The programme is suitable for the smallest to the largest fleets, which includes HGV, LGV, PSV and plant. It is largely driven by the company’s innovative intel and real-time tyre monitoring technology. 

“Preventative maintenance is key,” adds Leigh Goodland. “It optimises tyre safety, performance and tyre lifespan which reduces downtime and energy consumption while shrinking carbon output and operational costs. Therefore, we continue to invest heavily in the requisite tyre management technology to keep our customers competitive, compliant and on course with their own environmental programmes.”

Commenting on what to expect from the new role, Goodland said, “I look forward to the exciting times which lie ahead for DTM and our customers in turn, as we continue to deliver the premium tyre management services upon which our reputation is built.”

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